Intel Introduces “On Demand” System For Its Services

Intel announced today that it has switched to the “Buy what you need” system for the extra services it offers with the processors.

12th generation Alder Lake processors in the past months source codes leaked Intel had put its users at risk. In addition, the famous processor manufacturer recently “against global warming” with giants such as Samsung and Google. had partnered.

Today, Intel offers the software services that come with its processors as “On Demand”. optional announced that he would. So what benefits will this system offer to users?

You will only get the service you need

Normally, when you buy a laptop with an Intel processor or a pre-assembled computer case, you usually have extra software purchased by the manufacturer, Quick Assist Technology or CPU load balancing Dynamic Load Balancer You have to buy systems such as in a single package. Moreover, the amount of this package is sometimes can get hundreds of dollars. However, thanks to this system, users will only be able to purchase the services they want when they buy a processor or a ready-made system.

For example, if you use your own server system at home and you only need Dynamic Load Balancer software, you will be able to purchase this service from Intel’s official site. Even if you don’t need any software you won’t have to waste money. In addition, this new system prevents computer manufacturers from paying for these software. can drive down the prices of some computers by several hundred dollars.


Source Codes of Intel Alder Lake Processors Leaked: Are Computers with 12th Gen Intel Processors in Danger?

This system will be available to data centers first at this time, but Intel is planning to launch this system in 2023. can also be offered to the end user. explained.

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