Institutions You Can Apply For Free Psychologist Support

Considering that 61 million people used drugs for their psychological disorders between 2018 and 2021, the need for mental health support in Turkey is increasing day by day. There are also institutions where you can get free support from psychologists, one of the professional groups that respond to this need. We’ve compiled them for you.

We cannot always solve the psychological problems we face on our own. When we cannot solve it, we need the help of professionals working in this field. However, working in this field from psychologists and psychiatrists This psychosocial support we receive is often paid and many people cannot afford it. Since we do not have the information of the places where we can get free psychotherapy, we do not apply to any institution for support.

Come, it’s free psychosocial support Let’s find out the people and institutions we can get. In the continuation of the article, the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist, the institutions where free psychologist support can be obtained, and contact information.

Institutions where you can get free psychologist support:

First of all, let’s talk about the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist.

Psychiatrist, After completing his 6-year medical education, he took the Medical Specialization Examination (TUS) and became a psychiatry assistant and then completed this process. In short, he is a specialist doctor. Psychologist On the other hand, he is a person who has completed 4 years of psychology education in the faculties of Science and Letters. His title is “psychologist”.

While psychiatrists are authorized to prescribe drugs because they are medical graduates, psychologists do not have such authority and do not need such an authority. psychologists therapies and tests to change the behaviors and cognitions of the clients, to eliminate their existing psychological problems, to help the clients living standards they try to raise.

List of institutions where you can get free psychologist support

Ministry of Health

All listed institutions official government agency They will not charge you a fee when you visit any of them.

Here is the list of these institutions:

State Hospitals, Training and Research Hospitals, University Hospitals


Using the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) to get free psychologist support from the hospital in your province or hello 182You can make an appointment by calling .



Although there are psychologists in many municipalities and they provide psychological support to the public free of charge, mayor’s office You can get detailed information by calling.

Community Mental Health Centers (TRSM)


You can reach the current list from the link here and go to the province you are in.i To the Community Mental Health Center You can apply.

Healthy Life Centers (SHM), District Health Directorates

wellness center

You can get information by calling your family doctor or the District Health Directorate in your district.

Violence Prevention and Monitoring Center (ŞÖNİM)


ŞÖNİMs are among the institutions that provide 24/7 service. More prevention of violence Although it was established for the purpose of applying protective measures, you can also get free psychologist support from here. You can click the link here to access the updated list.

Green Crescent Counseling Center (YEDAM)


They are institutions that provide free psychological and social service support to individuals over the age of 12 (tobacco, alcohol, substance, technology) and their relatives. It provides service in many provinces of Turkey and the TRNC. ALO 115 You can call the Counseling Line and get information.

IMM Psychotherapy Centers

ibb psychologist

ALO 153 You can get information by calling and make an appointment.

ABB Youth, Child and Family Counseling Center

free psychologist in ankara

Affiliated with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality You can reach the list and contact information of these institutions working as

Note: via the MHRS system psychologist appointment cannot be obtained. After making an appointment with a psychiatrist, you can ask your doctor to refer you to a psychologist.

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