Institutions Capture FTX Crash: Biggest Entry in Crypto Funds in 14 Weeks

According to data shared by digital asset manager CoinShares, there has been a net inflow of $42 million in institutional funds in the cryptocurrency market over the past week.

According to the data shared on the official blog of Coinshares, Bitcoin (BTC) has been released after a long time. While falling to $ 15,500 levels to corporate funds 14 weeks followed by the highest entry. Last week, there was a sharp decline in the crypto money market with the troubles from FTX. However, institutional investors seem to see this crisis as a “buying opportunity”.

While it was announced that the most fund inflows occurred in Bitcoin, a small amount was also transferred to Ethereum. has an inflow of funds specified.

While there was money inflow to Bitcoin and many crypto money funds last week, there was also a short Bitcoin fund. $12.6 million money inflow. In addition, Solana (SOL), one of the cryptocurrencies most affected by the problems in FTX, had an outflow of $ 1.1 million.

The most money inflows with $29 million Second place while living in the USA 8 million in dollars, Brazil is in 3rd place with $4.3 million Canada took part.

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