Installed Token Unlock Alarm In This Altcoin Within 24 Hours! Developers Announced, Will They Sell?

Lots to unlock this month from altcoins In one of them, the developers published a statement on the subject.

Known to hold a token unlock event in February, X2Y2 will unlock a massive token within 24 hours, including 12.5 million Treasure tokens and 25 million Crew tokens, the X2Y2 team will not sell any unlocked tokens so far without this upcoming unlock or for the foreseeable future. told.

Altcoin Developers Announced Not Selling Tokens Sent To Them

The price of the altcoin took a sudden leap after the developers announced that they would not sell tokens immediately after the unlock event:

The chart showing the recent rise in the price of the already bullish token after the X2Y2 altcoin developers’ statements.

The developers made the following statements regarding the token unlock event in question:

“As many know, there will be a massive token unlock that will take place within 24 hours. To be exact, 12.5 million Treasure tokens and 25 million Crew tokens will be unlocked.

With that said, the X2Y2 team is not aware of this upcoming unlock or any other unlocked items so far. cryptocurrency We are proud to announce that it will not sell for the foreseeable future.

This has been our stance since the first token unlock. Our belief in the future of X2Y2 is unwavering and we are committed to growing together with our long-term investors.

As always, we want to thank our users for supporting X2Y2 so much since our founding almost a year ago.”

*Not investment advice.

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