Instagram Will Soon Test Fullscreen Photos

While all social media platforms seem not to be alike, Instagram is soon starting tests for long videos and photos that fill the screen like TikTok.

Instagram has announced that it will take a controversial decision and change its design in the past period. This change was canceled after the backlash. At this week’s Ask Me Anything event, the firm’s CEO Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram will begin testing extra-long 9:16-scale images.

“You have long (size) videos, but you can’t have long photos on Instagram. We wanted to make sure we were treating both equally,” Mosseri said in a statement. used the phrase. Currently, the images on Instagram cannot fill the entire screen.

9:16 scale photos are coming

At the moment Instagramvertically scaled at most 4:5 scale somehow allows sharing photos. When it comes to a larger-scale image, we need to crop the image to the appropriate format. In the new future, longer and thinner images will be able to be shared.

Images in this format are mostly smartphone screen It will be large enough to fill the screen by itself. While this may be pleasing to some users, it can be a bit confusing for people using the platform.

Especially when Instagram tests TikTok-like full-screen images. from photographers received intense criticism. The basis of these criticisms was the need to use strange angles to take long, thin images and the deterioration of the images due to the texts on the photo.

Instagram new feature in a week or two will start testing. This time, the new image scale will not be mandatory. In other words, those who want can share photos in the old format.


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