Instagram Tests Two-Age Verification Feature

Instagram has announced that it has started testing two new features to verify the age of its users. Features will be available only in the US for now.

Meta, which required its users to enter age information when registering on Instagram in 2019, made an announcement today to take it one step further. How the company will enable users to age verification on Instagram that you tested explained.

With the new decision coming at a time when the use of social media at a young age caused great controversy, Instagram will ask users for age verification. To do this, the company taking video selfies and ‘social proof’ announced that he had tried his ways. So how will it be possible to verify age in these two ways?

How to prove age by taking a video selfie?

With this method, users will take video selfies within the app to prove their age. The video taken, then the digital identity attempt To be shared with Yoti. Yoti’s technology will analyze the user’s face to provide an estimated age. After that, the video will be deleted from both Meta and Yoti.

How will social proof take place?

instagram social proof

In this method, proving the age of users will be based on common followers. Any person over the age of 18, for a user can prove. A person who wants to prove your age will send you a request for it. This request will need to be answered within three days.

In addition to these methods, Instagram directly provides identification, driver’s license, etc. It will continue to accept age verification with documents such as Photographed identification information Stored on Instagram servers for 30 days and after this time it is deleted.

Instagram, which has started to test the new feature only in the USA for now, has made it to the platform. No member under 13 years old makes it mandatory.


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