Instagram head Adam Mosseri being called for statement

Instagramis a platform where people share sections from their private lives and produce some fun content. Recently, especially after Reels videos have been added, it’s kind of TikTok It has become an application that is the second stop of its users. However, the impact of the app on teenagers is greater than most of us can imagine.

Some about Instagram at the beginning of the year Facebook documents leaked. There was some information in the data that Instagram is badly affecting young people, especially young girls. The revelation of this information has pushed the company into fear of losing the youth, who make up the majority of its audience. Now head of Instagram Adam Mosseriis summoned to the parliament to testify.

Instagram and Facebook’s message encryption plans delayed

Meta announced that its plans for an end-to-end encrypted message system for Instagram and Facebook have been delayed.

Instagram’s impact on kids being investigated

Facebook informant Frances Haugen, earlier this year The Wall Street Journal He leaked some documents to his newspaper. In those documents, Facebook mentioned that some teenage girls have bad feelings about their looks when using Instagram.

After the disclosure of these data, the Senate deputies examined the contents of the application. They explored what ill effects other social media platforms, such as Instagram, could have on teens. After some research, the head of Instagram Adam MosseriHe is called to testify before Congress next month.

Senate Commerce Committee‘s consumer protection subcommittee held its first judicial hearing on the matter in September, Facebook’s head of global security Antigone Davis performed with. At the hearing, Davis opposed the news shared by the Journal newspaper, which wrote that young people are badly affected by Instagram. Senator Richard Blumenthal, on Davis’ statement Facebook CEO Mark ZuckerbergHe summoned him to testify before the committee.

Blumenthal forwarded the letter to Mosseri after Zuckerberg. In his letter, he mentioned that US citizens, and especially parents, are displeased by the news that has been released because of the facts Facebook knows about Instagram. He said parents and 20 million teenagers using the app have a right to know if Instagram is trustworthy.

Social media sanctions of the Senate Commerce Committee

After recent reports, Senator Blumenthal promised to approve child safety regulations for online apps. Accordingly, the committee began enacting laws requiring platforms targeting children under the age of 16 to change their design and content by setting new limits.

After all, another senator Josh Hawleypassed a bill. Under this law, parents can sue for practices that cause mental or physical harm to children. This step seems to cause many social media platforms to impose new sanctions and limitations.

What do you think about the documents that emerged about Instagram? Do social media apps affect children badly? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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