Instagram and Facebook’s message encryption plans delayed

Facebookafter the name change Metais not just a new company name; He said they had a vision change. The company proves this every day with the projects it works on. Coming up with many new projects and ideas, Meta is in pursuit of innovations that we all eagerly await.

Meta gathered all of its projects under one roof and made some innovations about them. Facebook shopping period initiated by the groups, Microsoft Collaboration with and arrangements made in advertising categories are some of these examples. But now, Instagram and Facebook will bring for message encryption announced that he was delaying his plans.

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Meta faced charges of patent infringement on the AR/VR glove prototype it was working on.

When does meta bring end-to-end encryption?

Meta has announced that it will bring a message encryption feature for Instagram and Facebook. Company, 2022of all these message encryption projects he said would be ready before he went into 2023 announced that it has postponed it to any period of the year. The fact that they give a date far ahead of the date they planned is based on their desire to do this job correctly and completely.

Facebook security chief Antigone Davis shared an article in the famous British newspaper The Telegraph. He announced that the date when end-to-end message encryption will come to Instagram and Facebook has been postponed to 2023. He said that the 2022 date given at the beginning was not enough to reach the clean and correct result they wanted.

As you know, this end-to-end encryption system WhatsAppAvailable in. But Instagram hasn’t gotten this feature yet. Facebook is only Messenger that you can start in”Secret Conversations” feature.

Will UK technology security law be a problem?

United Kingdom, 2023 It enacts a safety law that will come into effect in the next year. With this law, it is aimed to prevent the abuse of technology companies and to protect children. Priti Patel, the current Home Secretary of the UK, opposes existing encryption errors, as some secret sites do not currently require encryption.

The date on which meta-encryption plans are postponed may coincide with the date of the law that the UK will introduce. Davis said that although the encryption feature has been delayed, Meta will have a system that will detect the current misuse of unencrypted user information.

What do you guys think of this delay in Meta’s end-to-end encryption plans? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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