Instagram and Facebook Almost Merged: Here’s the New Feature

Brand new features have been announced that bring Facebook and Instagram even closer together. Users will now be able to see even notifications on Facebook and Instagram on a single page.

Social media giant Meta has a host of new features that will unite Instagram and Facebook a bit more. started testing. These features can be added to users’ accounts on both Facebook and Instagram. one place gives them access. Let’s take a closer look at the new features that Meta offers.

As a matter of fact, Facebook and Instagram already have users “Accounts Center“, it used to manage accounts from here. Now, the scope of this section seems to be expanded. Because with the new feature introduced, users can quickly switch between accounts they add to the Accounts Center. they can switch. Moreover, this transition will be possible from Instagram to Facebook or from Facebook to Instagram.

Notifications will also appear on a single page

The update of Meta also includes an important aspect regarding the notifications that users receive. So much so that users can now receive notifications from both Instagram and Facebook. they will be able to see it on a single page. In this way, being aware of developments is more important than ever before. it’s getting easier says.

Creating a new account also made easy


According to the statement, users will also be relieved at the point of opening a new account with the latest update. Because after that, the process of creating a new account on Instagram and Facebook will transfer the information in an account to the other platform. transferring can be done with. Let’s say you use Instagram, but you want to open an account on Facebook as well. your information on Instagram, in seconds It will be transferred to Facebook and your account will be created.

This is how Instagram will turn into Facebook

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