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We are here with the Insta360 One RS review video, which has made a name for itself among modular cameras with its 4K video capture and 1 inch sensor. What are the Insta 360One RS features?

Insta360 One RS review!

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The Insta360 ONE RS camera is one of the core configurations of the modular ONE RS action camera system. The Twin Edition includes the Core module, the 4K Boost Mod, the 360 ​​Mod, and the necessary Battery Base that holds the modules together.

Insta360 One RS review

The Insta360 ONE RS has 21% more battery capacity than the ONE R and also offers clearer audio with three microphones and faster Wi-Fi transfers. The Core module, which is the brain, and any other module you choose are mounted side-by-side on the Battery Base. The 1-inch Wide Angle Mode, which captures 5.3K resolution video, is also separately available and switchable.

The Core module has a touchscreen live view screen and controls. When used with 4K Boost Mode, the live view display can be set to face forward or backward. The 4K Boost Mode also features FlowState Stabilization so your recordings become smoother. The Core module’s live screen can be panned in any direction to see your shot from all angles and get a full 360-degree preview. The ONE RS app is free to download for iOS and Android.

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