Insider Trading Rumors Rise For Binance: Coinbase Manager Also Joins

Coinbase executive Conor Grogan pointed to the notable trading movements during the last 18 months during Binance listings and claimed “Insider trading.”

Conor Grogan a recent social media in sharing, About Binance listings taking attention made allegations. past in 18 months pointing to what happened Grogansome anonymous wallets made significant purchases just before the Binance listing announcements, and after the announcement these assets He stated that he sold it with, and suggested the possibility of insider trading.

Sharing wallet addresses linked to Insider trading allegations, Grogan said that the first suspicious transaction regarding these addresses was on Binance. Rari (RGT) stated that it happened during the listing process. From an anonymous wallet listing announcement seconds ago 900 thousand dollars worth of RGT and sold these assets on Binance with a substantial profit right after listing.

0x20The same wallet starting with ” can perform a similar transaction. Ethernet Chain (ERN) He did it during the listing process as well. From 17 June to 21 June 78 thousand ERNs This wallet, which bought it, sold all its holdings immediately after listing. Grogan The last questionable process offered by Tornado Cash (TORN) was listing. Stating that the wallet in question received hundreds of thousands of TORNs before listing, Coinbase manager said that he has just started to look at the details and more examples to come expressed.

Binance’s last two cryptocurrency listings have also been on the radar for insider trading. An anonymous user on January 18, Rocket Pool (RPL) From Binance listing only 10 minutes before 6,193 purchased RPLs and from the listing announcement He sold them all 10 minutes later, making a profit of $55,400.

On the other hand, a closer look at possible insider trading crimes in the crypto money industry recently. regulatory bodiesRecently, the brother of Coinbase’s former product manager Ishan Wahi was accused of insider trading. 10 months in prison had given.

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