Infrared Glasses for People with Low Sight

A pleasing study from the Technical University of Munich has been published for those with low vision impairment. According to the article, individuals will be able to detect objects around them even in the dark.

Recently, Manuel Zahn and Armaghan Ahmad Khan from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, low vision disability They published a study that will make individuals happy. Research shows that people with low vision can feel more comfortable in the world around them with glasses using infrared technology. help them navigate it will be.

Binary says that the cane, which is the most common tool used by individuals with low vision, makes it easier for them to perceive only objects in their immediate surroundings, and they want to help with the problems of not being able to perceive obstacles farther away.

It will work even in the dark with the help of infrared

Zahn’s design embedded in prototype glasses a pair of infrared cameras uses. With the help of a small computer, the infrared camera creates a map of the surrounding area and captures a stereoscopic image. Since infrared is used, the glasses work even in the dark. Users tvibrating armband with the help of objects how close they are and will be able to understand how they are headed.

In their tests, the volunteers navigated the planned obstacle paths. up to 98 percent accuracy benefited from its share. All five participants managed to complete the obstacle course. All participants after three runs developed and their speed increased over time.

In the article published by Zahn and Khan, Microsoft’s motion detection system, which adds additional features to Xbox games. Kinect often passes. It’s confident that its dual cameras and setups will be smaller, less conspicuous, and less expensive than a Kinect.


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It seems to be a very relaxing technology for individuals with low vision.

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