Information About Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are known to be excellent hunters with their fast and agile nature due to the genes they inherited from their ancestors under their sweet faces. Unlike their hunting spirits, they are known to be really docile and friendly. Being friendly, they are forbidden to be fed without permission in Turkey and most European countries. There are many features that distinguish the Bengal cat from other cats, let’s take a look at the incredible features of this cat together.

Bengal cat, recently Asian leopard cat and we can call it beautiful, intelligent, athletic due to the leopard gene, which emerged from the mating of a domestic domestic cat. crossbreed known as a species. These beautiful cats have short, shiny coats. At first glance it’s like tiger Although it seems like we have made it smaller and turned into a house cat, it actually has many unique features.

Although it is not different from a normal street cat except for its color, there are many features that distinguish bengal cats from our lovely friends. domestication and adoption in Turkey and many other countries. forbidden. Of course, it’s forbidden to be the predator with their innocent faces underneath. leopard The gene plays a big role.

an ordinary to the street cat In addition to being stronger and more predatory than their counterparts, they can actually be trained very easily. A lot they were dociler, even for families with children is recommended to be owned. Of course, our little leopards have a lot of unique features like this one, let’s take a look at them;

Features of bengal cats, which we can call tiny leopards:

  • Bengal cats are the most social cat breed
  • They are in love with water, they love to play with water.
  • Bengals do not meow, but they are quite talkative.
  • Unlike ordinary cats, they can be trained.
  • Bengals are petty thieves.
  • They can jump up to 7 times their height and even climb almost flat ground.
  • They have endless energy.
  • They love to play games and spend time with their owners.
  • Shiny, eye-catching distinctive feathers
  • They are as curious as they are cute.

Bengal cats are the most social cat breed

It cute catsHe gets along very well with other cats, his own breed and, of course, people. Wild Although they are animals, they always behave well towards their surroundings and loved ones. They don’t like to be alone, if you’re considering getting one, experts say you can have 2 bengal cats in one. Bengal He says he will be better than his cat.

They are in love with water, they love to play with water.

bengal cat

Yes, you didn’t see it wrong. bengals unlike ordinary cats who hate water so much lovers they even faint.

Of course, it is not because they love to be cleaned, but bengal cats also clean themselves by licking like most cats, but sometimes pleasure bath They want to play, sometimes they just go into the water to play.

Bengals do not meow, but they are quite talkative.

bengal cat

Bengal cats, like ordinary cats they don’t meow. These impressive cats communicate in a way similar to humans, and we can even observe that they always answer the same questions or sentences in the same way. For example, to a bengal cat ”Are you hungryIf we teach the question ?’, it can make two different sounds that can mean yes or no.

According to the cats in our house, what he wants, whether he is hungry, restless It’s easy to figure out if you have it or want to play games. We can say that he has a strong communication ability.

Unlike ordinary cats, they can be trained.

bengal cat

Bengals are considered the most intelligent cat breed among cats. A to the dog you can teach many commands such as come, sit, lie down, paw. A little education patience and even if it takes effort, even just this feature makes it different to cat species makes it very special.

Bengals are petty thieves.

bengal cat in the bag

Yes, bengal cats can steal. If there is an object that he likes, sometimes it can be a shiny gold necklace or sometimes a tiny ball, he can pick it up and run away without asking your opinion. Theft combined with the hunting and intelligence in his genes, it can be difficult to resist.

They can jump up to 7 times their height and even climb almost flat ground.

bengal cat jumping

It catsIncredibly athletic. Still leopard They can jump very high due to the muscle structure and bone structure that comes from their genes. Thanks to their claws, which are 3 times sharper and more dangerous than an ordinary cat, they can even climb a flat wall.

They have endless energy.

bengal cat running

Most cat We can call it energetic. But pleasant our friends eventually get tired and fall asleep. On the contrary, the endless energy of bengal cats combined with their playful nature is annoying. hyperactivity they can show.

They love to play games and spend time with their owners.

bengal cat playing

although from the brutality Although it is forbidden to feed them, these cats are actually very popular contrary to popular belief. docileThey can be very caring towards the player and their owner. In fact, they show more interest to their owners than our domestic cats, and they love to spend time and play games.

Shiny, eye-catching distinctive feathers

bengal cat

These cats, which have short-haired, mottled or patchy-spotted fur, have a really unique coat structure. Although it resembles a bengal tiger in terms of feather structure at first glance, what makes its feathers unique is the glow inside.

They are as curious as they are cute.

bengal cat on the shelf

felineIf we look at it as a question, yes, we can say that cats are curious creatures. But one of the features that distinguishes bengal cats from other cats may be that they are extremely curious.

bengals, they always want to check what is going on around them, what is going on. This may even be related to the food being cooked in the kitchen. They also touch the things they are curious about. If one to bengal cat If you have one, we can recommend that you do not leave things lying around that could be dangerous for him.


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bengal catsAlthough they are wild cats, they also show very tame movements. In fact, the main reason for the ban on feeding predation In addition to the fact that they are removed from their natural areas, we can adopt these cats with certain permissions in our country.

It cute cats not dangerous for humans even very social cats It is very positive for families with children to be fed at home. Although viewed positively, many people are taken from the natural environment of such animals. to domestication against. So what do you think about this situation?

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