Influencer Announcing OnlyFans Income Is On The Agenda

Turkish influencer, who announced OnlyFans income, became the agenda on social media. Let’s take a look at the influencer’s total OnlyFans revenue and the reactions from social media.

When people can’t find a job in normal life because we are in the internet age various ways to make money online they can apply. For example, the work we do is editing. Or maybe produce various things and sell them through sites.

In addition to all these, especially in recent years, more and more different ways of making money have emerged. one of them OnlyFansis a platform where people share exclusive photos for a subscription fee. An influencer who became famous on OnlyFans, announced its revenue from the platform and on Twitter.

OnlyFans total revenue is $7,298

Influencer Neslihan Güneş, who has 123 thousand followers on Instagram and is also an architect, shared her total income from OnlyFans and Trendyol ads in an Instagram story. After sharing, there was also a lot of agenda on Twitter because his OnlyFans total income $7,298.

In fact, $7,249 is not a big amount of money compared to the income of some famous OnlyFans influencers, because there are people who earn $25,000 a month from this platform. However, when OnlyFans is a Turk who announces his income, of course, it is normal to be on the agenda on social media because the current dollar rate is 17.32 TL.


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What do you think of OnlyFans? Do you think OnlyFans revenues are astonishing? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section, and let’s put the social media reactions to the influencer’s OnlyFans income below.

Reactions from social media to Influencer, who announced OnlyFans income

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