Inflation: Christian Lindner wants to introduce a brake on inflation – domestic policy

Germany notices it when heating, shopping and at the gas pump – inflation is striking. Consumer prices rose by 3.9 percent in August compared to the previous month – the highest value in 28 years!

FDP leader Christian Lindner sees the blame on the federal government!

“The state is one of the biggest, if not the biggest drivers of inflation. As finance minister, Olaf Scholz threw camels around. Like in carnival. And even before Corona, “said Lindner to BILD. The state-determined CO2-Price, for example, would cause fuel prices to explode, but without financial compensation.

This should be over now!

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Lindner’s proposed solution: a state brake on inflation.

“We need a stop from politically induced inflation. Every new law that makes everyday life more expensive must lead to relief elsewhere, ”explains the FDP leader.

In the case of higher CO2– Prices that are reflected at the petrol station should, for example, reduce energy taxes and the vehicle tax should be phased out, says Lindner as an example.

In any case, the motor vehicle tax would not create any incentives for climate-friendly behavior, since it would be levied equally on everyone – whether long-term commuters or Sunday drivers.

Social issue inflation

The huge problem with high inflation: the loss of purchasing power. The devaluation of money affects people with low and middle incomes in particular, as well as savers, whose retirement provisions are melting away.

Lindner says: “Single parents with children, for example. Anyone who has to spend every euro on shopping, rent and fuel has no chance of avoiding the inflation. Older people fear for the fruits of their labor. You are already suffering from zero and negative interest rates. Inflation is a creeping expropriation of savers. “

The compensatory inflation brake is intended to eliminate this problem …