Indispensable technology of science fiction movies becomes reality

Flying cars, indispensable in science fiction movies, are finally becoming reality. New York TimesAccording to the news of , this technology, which we have been watching for a long time, is entering our lives very soon. In a few years, the flying taxi era begins at airports.

As you know, flying cars is one of the most clichéd science fiction fantasies. For years, every movie, series and book about the future has included this technology in some way. That’s why people have thought for a long time that cars will have this ability in the future. However, according to the latest information, flying cars are becoming reality this time. Here are the details…

Flying vehicle move from Hyundai!

A company that has been successful in the automotive industry for a long time recently made a statement about flying vehicles.

There will be flying cars in 2024

Flying vehicles, which are constantly on the agenda, promise us simpler and shorter distance journeys by air than by plane in the near future. But this time, the issue is getting serious and these possibilities are coming true in the near future. Some companies allow journeys without the need for an airstrip. 2 to 150 miles It is working on projects that can realize flights between

Lilium Air Mobility flying car prototype

These projects aim to provide a safe and cheap travel opportunity. Experts believe that a market may emerge that will alleviate the constantly jammed land travel in metropolitan cities and change the way people travel. These vertical take-off and landing vehicles will rely on electricity as the power provider.

While normally a costly business, the costs of producing an electrically powered flying vehicle have come down with advances in battery technology. Companies working on this technology are developing flying vehicles that will enter the transportation market in the next few years.

based in Germany Lilium Air MobilityCEO and founder of Daniel WiegandHe said that he wanted to produce a vehicle that could be reached by many people and that could replace high-speed trains without the need for infrastructure. Joby Aviation and Volocopter Companies that have been working in this field for a longer period of time, such as companies that have been working in this field for a long time, can use this technology if they can get regulatory approval. 2024 He says he’s aiming for the year and promises that it will happen by then.

Design by Joby Aviation and Toyota

Urban Movement Labsexecutive director of Sam Morrissey On the other hand, it thinks that its future flying cars will use current commercial airports and runways until new take-off and landing locations are determined without disrupting other air and ground transportation areas.

What do you think about flying cars that are promised to come true? Could this technology be realized, or will it be just a vain hope? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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