Improvements on Solana Network Increased After DDoS Attack

Solana Github posts started to rise after the DDoS attack.

According to Santiment data, Solana outperformed Polkadot and Cardano in daily Github posts. Solana Github post count between 12-13 December 90by reaching Polkadot (76) and Cardano (65) left behind.

The increase in Solana on-chain activation, which occurred on Thursday, caused the network to slow down considerably. hacking occurred after the attack. The Solana network, which has the 5th largest market capitalization, managed to minimize the problem without shutting down the system. However, this may raise doubts in terms of network reliability.

DDoS The attack makes the system appear as if there is traffic that does not exist, and slows it down. Some experts say that Solana’s “proof of historyHe blamed the ” system.

About subject Grayscale Investments He previously made the following statement:

“The Solana consensus mechanism uses a new, uncommon blockchain technology that may not yield the desired result. There may be cryptographic errors under the network that will disrupt the operation of the system or make the system vulnerable to attacks.

Due to the spike in Solana network transaction volume in September an interruption of 17 hours had been exposed. Engineers failed to resolve the issue and approvers reboot the system he had to.

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