Important update for Google Business Messages

Google, continues to improve its search features. Known by very few users to date Business Messages (Business Messages) has received a comprehensive update. The software giant offers businesses the opportunity to chat directly with customers with Business Messages on Search.

Google updates its ability to chat with businesses in Search

According to the latest blog published by Google, the feature called Business Messages has been updated. The software giant, which wants to increase the interaction between the customer and the business in Search, has established new partnerships for Business Messages.

Interesting innovation for Android from Google: Its name has changed

Google is going to rebrand for Android security. Google has announced the Protected by Android feature.

Google is the world leader in help desk and customer service software. Twilio, Genesys, and Avaya announced its collaboration with Thanks to this partnership, different categories such as retail, banking and telecommunications Connect with companies via Google Search to go past it will get easier.

In fact, within the Business Messages feature, Google artificial intelligence powered chatbots provides an opportunity to create The software giant that creates automatic answers by analyzing the frequently asked questions of customers; Twilio will expand its expertise in this area with Genesys and Avaya.

Chatbots offered to businesses by Google can provide support to customers according to business categories. Robots, which can monitor the availability and pricing of products, can also be programmed by the company with the help of special commands.

“With hundreds of partners using the service on a weekly basis, we are excited to further develop our partner community. So while working hand in hand with the companies that make this possible, we can deliver the best possible experiences for everyone out there.”

Although Google’s Business Messages feature is not popular, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger It should be noted that applications such as these have similar support. What WhatsApp offers for businesses chat botscan understand and automatically respond to messages sent by users.

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