Important partnership for artificial intelligence chips from Samsung!

One of the world’s largest semiconductor companies Samsunghas recently been on the agenda with new developments. Hyperscale AI models To create optimized semiconductor chips, the company announced that it has entered into a new partnership. If this partnership Samsung and NAVER took place between

Samsung to partner with NAVER, which has AI technology

As an important name in advanced memory technology, Samsung comes up with new partnerships day by day. The company recently announced that they will be collaborating with NAVER, an internet company with world-class AI technology. This collaboration is specific to hyperscale artificial intelligence models. semiconductor solutions being made to improve.

The partnership is Samsung’s computational storage, in-memory processing, near-memory processing and Compute Express Link (CXL) as will benefit. It will also significantly improve performance by combining hardware and software experiences.

Android 13 good news for two popular models from Samsung!

Android 13 good news for two popular models from Samsung!

Developments continue in the Android world. Samsung is giving the Galaxy S20 FE and A32 LTE Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update.

Samsung stated that the current computing systems of the two companies are struggling to cope. For this, he said that they will develop chip solutions with more capacity to process data. Overall, Samsung will contribute its hardware and manufacturing expertise, while NAVER will demonstrate its expertise in the development and validation of AI-based algorithms.

NAVER, AI platform that provides search, speech, recognition and natural language processing services clova It launched in 2017. Then the company launched its super-sized AI platform last year. HyperClova put it on the market. Samsung hopes to leverage NAVER’s experience in using these technologies by tens of millions of users.

Important partnership for artificial intelligence chips from Samsung!

Han Jinman, the company’s vice president of memory sales and marketing, made a statement on the subject. In its statement, it stated that they aim to expand the market-leading memory lineup that includes PIM and more.

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