Important Disclosure About Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity

Peter Thiel, co-founder of the online payment system PayPal, made a statement at a conference in Miami about who the creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin wallets hold more than 1 million Bitcoins worth over $64 billion. However The identity of Bitcoin’s creation is still unclear. The identity of the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin, Satochi Nakamoto, arouses curiosity all over the world. on the subject every day. various claims is being brought forward.

Peter Thiel, one of the first investors of Facebook, the famous businessman, also said that Satochi Nakamoto about your identity He did an explanation. Thiel, “If I had looked for clues about him, I would have started in Anguilla” said.

“Satoschi was at the E-Gold meeting”


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Speaking at a conference in Miami, Peter Thiel was among the participants at the meeting where E-Gold was discussed in 2000. He claimed that Satoshi Nakamoto was also. Thiel “We gathered around 200 people in Anguilla in February 2000 for the establishment of E-Gold LTD. We wanted to crash the central banks and start the revolution on that beach. According to our plan, PayPal would also be able to work with E-Gold. We were going to bring the end of all central banks, but it did not happen. I think the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto was also at that meeting. He even took a lesson from that meeting and what happened after. that your company and your identity should not be understood.” said.

Stating that he did not search for Satoshi’s identity in the following years, Thiel said, “There is a lot of speculation about this, in my opinion, this situation will affect the cryptocurrency industry. negative affecting. I did not investigate who attended that meeting. But if it was known who Satoshi was, the government would arrest him. made a statement.

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