Important Development for the Altcoin Project with Airdrop Expected: Partnership with Google!

Different blockchain transaction protocol LayerZero announced the integration they have been working on for more than a year, thanks to a partnership with Google Cloud.

by LayerZero September 12 made on social media on the day in the statementGoogle Cloud oracle services reported that it was made available on the protocol. Stating that the integration in question emerged as a result of long efforts of both parties, the team stated that Google Cloud oracle services As of September 19 It was emphasized that it will be added to the infrastructure by default.

Thanks to this integration, LayerZero’s oracle system is connected to Google Cloud. from cloud services will be able to benefit much more easily and flexible, scalable And low cost A structure will emerge.

Once the integration is defined by default, every action performed on LayerZero is processed by Google Cloud. processing and verification with confidentiality priority will be provided:

After over a year of collaborative effort, we are incredibly excited to launch Google Cloud oracle on LayerZero. Google Cloud oracle is a purpose-built validator available in all LayerZero applications today and will be configured by default as of September 19th. This means that by default, every message on LayerZero will benefit from secure infrastructure run by one of the most security-conscious organizations in the entire world. In other words, Google Cloud will verify the validity of every message in LayerZero by default.

For a long time airdrop LayerZero, which is at the center of the cryptocurrency community with its possibility, is among the projects that do not yet issue local tokens but are actively operating. Considering that LayerZero has a valuation of more than 3 billion, it is thought that the airdrop it will distribute will be quite large.

With the announcement in question, the native token of Stargate Finance, for which LayerZero provides infrastructure services, STG, before 5% It gained value and then retreated again. STG, at the time of writing from $0.478 is being traded.

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