Important confession from Google to the Pixel 6 series!

Continuing to work to show its success in the search engine field in the smartphone industry, Google showcased the Pixel 6 series, powered by its own Tensor processor, in October. The phones, which preserved the appearance identified with the company in terms of design, promised a quality experience to the users on the technical side.

Especially before the series was introduced. 30W Even advertising that they charge 50 percent in half an hour with a charger, Google suddenly became the focus of reactions after some tests by Android Authority in the past weeks. According to the results, the phones were charging at a maximum speed of 22W. On top of that, Google recently made a clear statement on the subject.

Google canceled the Pixel Fold for a surprising reason!

Getting ready to take part in the foldable smartphone market with the Pixel Fold, Google allegedly canceled the device.

Google announced the real charging speeds of the Pixel 6 series

Google has published an official blog post on the increasing criticism recently. In the article in question, the company admitted that the Pixel 6 series does not charge with 30W, but also announced the actual charging speeds of the phones. As it is known, the charger does not come out of the box of the phones. However, the company sells additional chargers with these speeds on the grounds that the series supports 30W charging.

pixel 6 series charger
Pixel 6 series charging speeds

At this point, it was announced that Pixel 6 supports 21W charging speeds, while Pixel 6 Pro only supports 23W charging speeds. On the other hand, stating that the charging status of phones depends on various factors, the company stated that many factors such as charge level, system usage and temperature have a direct effect on charging speeds.

In addition, the company announced that the phones charge 50 percent in half an hour, then with a certain decrease in speeds, it reaches 80 percent after half an hour, and the remaining 20 percent is charged at even slower speeds to minimize battery degradation.

So what do you think about this? Did Google’s statement on charging speeds satisfy you? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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