iMessage tricks few people know

The iMessage feature offered by Apple to users in the Messages application has ceased to be an ordinary messaging service. iMessage, which allows users to communicate with each other through an internet connection, includes many features from games to effects to sending handwritten texts. It can also synchronize with all devices with the Apple ecosystem.

Especially with the iOS 10 operating system, iMessage has improved a lot. We think you don’t notice iMessage tricks In our guide, we talked about the features that you will like.

Why didn’t iMessage come to Android? Here is the answer!

Apple could have offered the iMessage app to Android users years ago. But for competitive reasons, it kept the app within its ecosystem.

iMessage tricks you must know

End the “bored” era: iMessage games

It has happened to all of us; sometimes he is the one who ends the call after a long conversation “I am bored” message will appear. We have trouble finding topics to talk about or any activities to do. In such cases, you can play games while chatting with your friends thanks to iMessage games where you will have a pleasant time.