Ikke Hüftgold gives terrifying insights into Willi Herrens († 45) life

“He was the devil with drugs”: Ikke Hüftgold gives terrifying insights into Willi Herrens († 45) life

Willi Herren died unexpectedly in April at the age of 45. Pop star Ikke Hüftgold knew men from Ballermann on Mallorca and four months later gave terrifying insights into the life of the entertainer in a talk show.

On April 20th, the former “Lindenstrasse” actor Willi Herren died completely unexpectedly at the age of 45 – a shock for his family, fans and friends. Also for Herrens Ballermann colleague Ikke Hüftgold (44).

At the Cologne talk “Loss mer schwade”, Hüftgold now described shocking scenes from the actor’s life. “I was there myself when things got tricky for and with Willi and I got him out of very serious situations one or the other time,” said the singer, whose real name is Matthias Distel.

“He was the devil when he came into contact with drugs”

The drugs turned men into other people. “He was the devil when he came into contact with drugs and an absolute heart person without drugs. That alone shows the power drugs have and gambling addiction is no different there. That is hell.”

Willi Herren had lost himself, the Ballermann star analyzed. “He got into Lindenstrasse at the age of 18 or 19. If a boy comes from a normal, humble background and is hyped so that everyone tears in their youth, you need a strong environment, otherwise you will eventually become a drug or succumb to some addiction. That was the case with Willi. “

The investigation into his death has now officially ended. “The public prosecutor’s investigation into the death of Mr. Willi Herren has been completed,” said senior public prosecutor Ulrich Bremer to “RTL”. There were no indications of third-party negligence either from the police investigations or from the investigations by the Cologne Institute for Forensic Medicine.

The public prosecutor’s office does not reveal what Willi Herren ultimately died of. The results of the chemical-toxicological report remain under lock and key because of the personal rights to be respected even after death.

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