If We Could Go To The Moon By Car, How Many TL Of Gas Would We Spend?

If today’s cars were advanced enough to go to the Moon, and a road to the Moon was built, how much do you think the fuel cost of this journey would be?

Although traveling to the Moon by automobile is not possible today, trips to the Moon once seemed impossible, and perhaps Jules Verne wrote in 1865:Moonshot” made people dream about the Moon.

Mankind was born in 1969, 104 years after Jules Verne’s book. He set foot on the moon and an era’s dream came true. Today we are with you Imagining a path from Earth to the Moonwe will review the cost of this road in terms of Turkey.

Distance between Earth and Moon

The distance between our planet Earth and its only moon, the Moon; Considering the centers 384 thousand 403 kmis . If there was a way between the Earth and the Moon; If you proceed without stopping with the car, which is moving at a constant speed of 100 km per hour, this journey 160 days So it would take 5 months and 10 days. If you are planning a one-day visit; this would be 320 days, that is, 10 months and 20 days. In a rough calculation, it would cost us 1 year to go to the Moon by car.

The current fuel cost of the trip to the moon

vehicle to the moon

Although the duration of the trip to the Moon will cost us 320 days; Of course, there would also be the fuel side of the job. Now let’s take a look at the fuel cost of traveling to the Moon, which is the main topic of our content.

Traveling from Istanbul to the Moon with the best-selling vehicle in Turkey

travel to the moon

According to the data announced on an annual basis, the best-selling vehicle in our country in 2021 Fiat Egea had happened. For this reason, we will use the fuel data of this vehicle in our content.

Our vehicle uses an average of 3.7 liters of fuel per 100 km. If we consider the distance between us and the moon; our vehicle on the way to the Moon It will consume 14 thousand 223 liters of fuelTruck. If we consider that the fuel price is 29.94 TL today; Total fuel cost of going to the moon by car 425 thousand 836 TL’is

If you say, “I went to the Moon, but I have an established order on Earth, I will return”; round trip fuel cost 851 thousand 672 TL is doing.

The cost of going from Earth to the Moon on the cheapest fuel

a vehicle to the moon

Since fuel prices are high in our country, you may want to meet the fuel needs of your trip to the Moon from another country. If you buy fuel from Belarus, one of the countries where gasoline is cheapest; 0.670 Euro per liter of petrol so you pay 12.19 TL with today’s exchange rate.

The cost of going to the Moon with fuel from Belarus 173 thousand 278 TLround trip total fuel cost is 346 thousand 556 TL.

If you had gone to the Moon from Istanbul 1 year ago…

travel cost

In our country Gasoline prices 7.81 TL in June 2021 was. If you had set off from this price, the fuel cost of the trip to the Moon would have been 111 thousand 81 TL, that is, 314 thousand 755 liras more than today. Likewise, you would have saved 629 thousand 510 liras on the round trip.

So you, If there was a road to the moon And if it was possible to travel by car, would you take this trip?

Note: possible during a trip to the moon. highway tolls and fuel supplies are not taken into account.

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