Iconic Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter spells are among the unforgettable Harry Potter films that have managed to fascinate everyone who watches them. Iconic spells in the Harry Potter movies have different functions and are used by different characters. Let’s move on to our list of the 10 most iconic spells, from Expelliarmus to Expecto Patronum.

Harry Potter, which first appeared in 2001 in the first film of the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, is written by JK Rowling. Harry Potter It is a movie adaptation of his books. The first film of the series, which met with great interest around the world, grossed 974.8 million dollars.

Harry Potter, who has written his name in the history of cinema with golden letters with its sequels, has magnificent details from his acting to his scenarios. In particular, Harry Potter spells are undoubtedly among the details that every audience loves and cannot forget. These spells, all of which have their own specific functions, can sometimes have very dangerous results, and sometimes have fun results. In this list, we have discussed the iconic spells in the Harry Potter movies. Here’s the most iconic you wish you could use in real life too Harry Potter spells:

Harry Potter spells:

  • Expelliarmus
  • Avada Kedavra
  • Expecto Patronum
  • Wingardium Leviosa
  • Petrificus Totalus
  • obliviate
  • Reparo
  • accio
  • Incendio
  • Lumos

Disarm spell: Expelliarmus

The disarming spell, Exppelliarmus, is perhaps one of the most iconic spells in the Harry Potter series. The spell is held in the hand of the person who cast it. throwing the gun provides. Throughout the series, many characters have had to use this spell in various situations. Still, with Harry, who used him in various duels, he had more integratedso it has been one of the first spells that come to the mind of the fans.

The spell with the worst consequences: Avada Kedavra

Avada Kedavra, which is considered the most powerful spell in the Harry Potter series, directs the enchanted person directly. kills and against it a spell cannot be cast. It is one of the 3 curses that are strictly forbidden to be made, and from this curse rightly The only survivor was Harry Potter. by Lord Voldemort himself to those who oppose used against it. This magic that no shield magic can stop, Elderberry Wand It becomes much more dangerous when done with.

Dementors’ nightmare: Expecto Patronum

Another highly iconic spell like Expelliarmus and Avada Kedavra is Expecto Patronum. Considered the strongest defense spell in the series, Expecto Patronum is very effective against dementors. a strong shield creates. It’s pretty easy to do, as it requires intense concentration and using a happy memory of the sorcerer. hard and it is complex. Expecto Patronum by Harry Potter to save Sirius Black Dementors used against.

Spell to blow things up: Wingardium Leviosa

Wingardium Leviosa spell, which has no effect on humans, is affected by magicians’ wands. to lift up provides. Taught to first-year students from basic spells is one. There are also different variations of this spell such as Hover Charm, Rocket Charm and Floating Charm. First magician in the sixteenth century Jarleth Hobart It is considered to have been invented by

Immobilization spell: Petrificus Totalus

the person made immobilizing This spell was often used by wizards or witches against their opponents in wars. Although it doesn’t seem like much next to other iconic spells, it’s a pretty effective spell overall. The arms and legs of the person under the influence of the spell temporarily becomes immovable.

The memory-erasing spell we could all want: Obliviate

Obliviate, the memory erasure spell, one’s memories used to delete. It is very different from false memory magic, which adds artificial memories that never existed before. Obliviate the very special memories that reside in a person’s mind. to delete using for. If magic is used irresponsibly, it can remove a large part of one’s memory and permanently. to brain damage why could it be. Obliviate by Hermione with her friends to escape It was used for his mother and father.

Spell that repairs objects: Reparo

Known as repair magic, Reparo is used by witches and wizards to remove all kinds of broken objects. repair It is used for. material type there is none. Because it is not designed for living things live skin Causes extreme reactions when used on

Bringing the All-Desired Charm: Accio

Probably one of the most useful spells in the Harry Potter movies, Accio is the moment the character says whatever they want. brings it with you. Because it’s so helpful, Harry Potter fans favorite is among the enchantments. Many characters, from Hogwarts students to the most famous wizards, this is quite beneficial used magic.

Fire burning spell: Incendio

Incendio is one of the first spells viewers see. Compared to other featured spells less Although it is used, it produces quite iconic and cool images. The thing on the wand’s target flaming This spell is definitely among the iconic spells.

Lighting magic: Lumos

Lumos, the sorcerer’s the tip of his staff It illuminates it and allows it to be used as a kind of torch in the dark. Doesn’t have much of a function, but has a few variations. extremely simple and a loved one. Its variants are Lumos Solem, Lumos Duo and Lumos Maxima and they have different functions. Lumos’ counter-magic nox This light can be turned off.

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