Hyundai Tucson Price List and Notable Features

We take a closer look at the striking features and current price list of Hyundai TUCSON 2021, one of the most popular representatives of the C-SUV class in our country with its fuel consumption, performance, design and offerings.

South Korean automotive giant Hyundai, the C-segment car first launched in 2004 TUCSON achieved great success in the SUV category. TUCSON, which has become one of the most popular C-SUV models over the years with its fuel consumption, performance and sporty design, has recently appeared with the 2021 model.

Hyundai TUCSON 2021, which has received major changes inside and outside compared to the previous generation; comfort, prime, elite and elite Plus It comes with 4 different hardware packages. In this content, we will take a closer look at the technical features, fuel consumption and current price list of the new Hyundai Tucson, which appeals to almost every budget with its different equipment packages.


Exterior design:

The new Hyundai TUCSON, which takes on a much more aggressive and sporty atmosphere with its completely renewed design, combines ventilation grilles with LED headlights at first glance. with front bumper draws attention. Featuring the world’s first concealed lighting technology Parametric LED Daytime Running Lights Equipped with the TUCSON, it is hidden when the headlights are off and appears to be part of the grille.

The sharp lines starting from the front and continuing from the sides are also visible when we move to the back. Here it runs in a single strip from one end to the other. LED tail light While adding a stylish atmosphere to the vehicle, we also see two wing-shaped downlights on both sides of the vehicle. The Hyundai logo is placed on the rear window.

hyundai tucson exterior design

According to preferred package 18 inch alloy or 19 inch diamond cut alloy 2021 TUCSON that comes with wheels, 4,500 mm length and 1,650 mm with its height, it offers a spacious travel opportunity to the insiders. The color options of the new TUCSON, which has a wide range of colors, include Sunset Red Pearlescent, Sapphire Blue Metallic, Silver Gray Metallic, Sandstone Bronze Metallic, Polar White, Amazon Gray Metallic, Mica Black Pearlescent and Smoke Gray Pearlescent.

Interior design:

hyundai tucson interior design

Changes in the renewed Hyundai TUCSON continue on the inside. With a modern yet simple look comfort and functionality taken out The first detail that draws attention on the interior is the 10.25-inch visorless instrument information display. The 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment screen embedded in the console emphasizes the cockpit’s technological appearance. The touch screen, which includes comfort features such as navigation, infotainment and air conditioning controls, plays a major role in simplifying the interior.

Thanks to its new platform, 2021 TUCSON, longer and wider has a structure. In this way, reaching a level of comfort that is difficult to reach compared to the vehicles in its class, TUCSON not only provides a comfortable journey to the passengers, but even when the seats are in an upright position. to 620 liters reveals its width with up to luggage volume.


Forward collision avoidance assist (FCA with Junction turn):

hyundai tucson front collision avoidance assistant

in TUCSON FCA system, brakes automatically by warning the driver when the vehicle in front brakes suddenly, or when there is a pedestrian or cyclist on the road. The same feature is also activated when turning left at intersections, eliminating the risk of collision with the oncoming vehicle.

Lane keeping assist (LFA):

hyundai tucson lane keeping assistant

What we see in all new generation vehicles now lane keeping assistant With your new TUCSON, your new TUCSON centers in its lane when traveling from 0 to 180 km/h in the city or on highways.

Intelligent cruise control (SCA with stop-start):

hyundai tucson smart cruise control

Intelligent cruise control With the Hyundai TUCSON, it maintains the distance between you and the vehicle in front, automatically reducing or increasing the speed to a predetermined limit. In addition, the distance you set in the traffic where you have to constantly stop and go is always maintained.

Rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist (RCCA):

hyundai tucson Rear cross traffic collision avoidance assistant

Backing out can be a problem in areas with poor visibility. However RCCA assistant TUCSON warns the driver in such situations and automatically brakes to avoid the risk of a possible collision.

Blind spot collision avoidance assistant (BCA):

hyundai tucson Blind spot collision avoidance assistant

Hyundai TUCSON 2021 using two radar sensors and cameras located under the rear bumper traffic in the blind spot warns the driver. In the event of a turn signal in a traffic flowing direction, it also warns the driver audibly and brakes to avoid a collision.

Perimeter vision system (SVM):

hyundai tucson Peripheral vision system

New TUCSON; It shows the driver in real time around the vehicle, thanks to four high-definition cameras positioned at the front, sides and rear. 360 degree view With this system, you can park much more easily and safely.

Blind spot monitoring assistant (BVM):

hyundai tucson Blind spot imaging assistant

When you signal working cameras reflect the left and right rear of your vehicle on the digital instrument information screen. This makes changing lanes much safer and easier.

Driver attention warning (DAW):

hyundai tucson driver attention warning

New TUCSON in drive tiredness or distraction If it detects symptoms, it displays a message suggesting a break.


Wireless charging system:

hyundai tucson Wireless charging system

You can use your smartphone with the system in Hyundai TUCSON. wirelessly charge you can. The system also has a cooling function that prevents your device from overheating.

KRELL Premium sound system:

hyundai tucson KRELL premium sound system

No matter where the journey is, listening to music while traveling becomes much more enjoyable with TUCSON. First class With KRELL Premium sound system Equipped with the new TUCSON, at this point, it promises passengers a high-level sound experience.

Multi-point ventilation system:

hyundai tucson Multi-point ventilation system

Multi-point ventilation system With the new TUCSON, the new TUCSON can offer different temperature settings for the driver and passengers in the front and rear seats.

Memory driver seat:

hyundai tucson driver seat with memory

Memory driver seat You can save seat settings for different people, and then adjust the seat setting with just a push of a button.

Front seat heating and cooling system:

hyundai tucson front seat heating and cooling

The new Hyundai TUCSON, in addition to heating in the front seats cooling it can do too. Thus, while traveling in your warm seat in cold winter months, you can travel in a much more spacious way by turning on the seat cooling in hot summer months.

Heated rear seats:

hyundai tucson rear seat heating

in the front seats heating systemIt is also available for the rear seats, but there is no cooling setting for the rear.

Heated leather steering wheel:

hyundai tucson cockpit

It is one of the most needed features in a vehicle, especially in winter. heated leather steering wheel feature is also included in the new TUCSON. With this feature, when you hold the leather-wrapped steering wheel of your TUCSON, you can easily warm your hands with the heating feature.

Speed ​​sensitive rain sensor wipers:

hyundai tucson

The new TUCSON wipersActivates automatically when it rains and works in sync with your vehicle’s speed for extra safety and comfort.

Hyundai TUCSON equipment packages:

hyundai tucson view from above

  • comfort
  • prime
  • elite
  • Elite Plus

New Hyundai TUCSON; comfort, prime, elite and elite Plus It comes with 4 different hardware options. The first of the hardware packages that appeal to different budgets. comfort appearing as the most empty package prime and elite midrange options, Elite Plus welcomes us as the top package.

comfort package includes 18-inch alloy wheels, chrome front grille panel, tinted rear door windows and tinted rear window, projection-type halogen headlights, cloth seats, leather steering wheel, 10.25-inch digital instrument information display, backup camera, rear parking distance warning, 8-inch touchscreen multimedia entertainment system, 6 speakers and manual air conditioning, such as basic features.

With a top-of-the-line option to Prime In addition to the Comfort package, in addition to the Comfort package, we see the electric sunroof, auto-dimming interior rear view mirror, automatic windshield defogger, rain sensor, electronically controlled dual-zone digital air conditioning, lane keeping assist, lane keeping assist and front collision avoidance assist.

hyundai tucson side view

a top six elite Unlike Prime, the package includes 19-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, dark chrome front grille panel, design details on the diffuser and bumper, solar windscreen and door windows, tinted rear door windows and rear window, projection type LED headlights, LED taillight combination, parking distance warning for the front, height-adjustable trunk lid with memory, leather seats, driver’s seat lumbar adjustment, power driver’s seat, passenger seat height adjustment, front seat heating, heated steering wheel, paddle shift paddles, electronic shift panel There are optional features such as a 10.25 inch touch screen multimedia entertainment system, navigation, extra USB output, wireless charging system, ambient lighting and electronically controlled three-zone digital air conditioning.

Finally, the top equipment option on Elite Plus On the other hand, in addition to the Elite, the driver’s seat with memory, heated rear seats, cooled front seats, 360 degree surround view camera system, blind spot imaging assistant, KRELL Premium sound system, 8 speakers (Subwoofer), smart cruise control with stop-go feature , blind spot collision avoidance assist and safe exit warning system.

Hyundai TUCSON performance, engines and fuel consumption:

hyundai tucson rear view

For 2021 Hyundai Tucson gasoline and diesel It comes with two different engine types. for gasoline engine 1.6L T-GDI 4×2 when it is the only option, if it is a diesel engine option 1.6L CRDi 4×2and 1.6L CRDi 4×4 types can be selected. Maximum power in petrol option to 180 hp and torque to 260 Nm exiting, while in diesel engines the power to 136 hp if torque to 320 Nm coming out. In addition, all options include a 7-speed automatic DCT transmission. 2021 Hyundai TUCSON fuel consumption is as follows:

1.6L T-GDI 4×2 (180 PS):

hyundai tucson

  • Urban (L/100 km): 8.9
  • Extra-urban (L/100 km): 7.8
  • Average (L/100 km): 7.3

1.6L CRDi 4×2 (136 PS):

hyundai tucson rear view

  • Urban (L/100 km): 5.8
  • Extra-urban (L/100 km): 6.5
  • Average (L/100 km): 5.7

1.6L CRDi 4×4 (136 PS):

hyundai tucson

  • Urban (L/100 km): 6.8
  • Extra-urban (L/100 km): 7
  • Average (L/100 km): 6.3

2021 Hyundai TUCSON prices:

hyundai tucson

  • 1.6 T-GDI 4X2 DCT Comfort (Petrol): 389.350 TL
  • 1.6 CRDI 4X2 DCT Prime (Diesel): 429,990 TL
  • 1.6 CRDI 4X2 DCT Elite (Diesel): 503,000 TL
  • 1.6 CRDI 4X2 DCT Elite Color Pack (Diesel): 505.000 TL
  • 1.6 CRDI 4X4 DCT Elite Plus (Diesel): 562.000 TL