Hyundai and domestic manufacturer Skytech joined forces for the future!

Operating in the TV, satellite receiver and small home appliances sector, Skytech announced with a signing ceremony that it has acquired Hyundai’s production, sales, marketing and distribution rights in 5 countries in the TV group. The company will produce Hyundai brand televisions for 3 years and sell them to Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia. Within the scope of this cooperation, Skytech aims to become Hyundai’s sole supplier in 25 countries in the medium term. Here are the details…

Skytech will increase its contribution to Turkey’s production and exports

Operating under the umbrella of Ünsal Group, Skytech signed the signing ceremony of its cooperation with Hyundai; Ünsal Group Chairman Şinasi Ünsal, Skytech CEO Uğur Ünsal and Hyundai Europe Branch Director Hyundae Kim, as well as Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır.

Skytech, which has acquired the production, sales, marketing and distribution rights of 5 countries in Hyundai’s television group, will sell televisions produced under the Hyundai brand for 3 years to Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia, within the scope of cooperation.

TVs produced in Turkey are sold all over the world!  We visited Skytech at IFA

TVs produced in Turkey are sold all over the world! We visited Skytech at IFA

We visited the stand opened by the domestic TV manufacturer Skytech at the IFA 22 event. Here we reviewed the latest technologies to be sold abroad.

Skytech, which has made a production investment of 20 million dollars in line with the cooperation, will make an additional investment of approximately 10 million dollars until 2024. Skytech, which plans to establish a global sales network and open a warehouse in Europe, also aims to become Hyundai’s largest supplier in the field of television technologies in the world.

Skytech will increase its contribution to Turkey’s production and exports

Sharing their views on cooperation Şinasi Ünsal, Chairman of Ünsal Group, “As a group; We operate in the construction and electronics sectors. We also have a separate electronics company that manufactures for the defense industry.

As a group, we are having an extremely successful and productive year. In 2022, we reached a turnover of approximately 1.5 billion TL. As a group, we exceeded our 2022 targets. With our global brand collaborations, we have made very serious breakthroughs both as a group and on the technology side, and we continue our breakthroughs.

Skytech is one of the most important companies of our group with its exports, employment figures and its share reaching 30 percent in the group turnover. Skytech, in cooperation with Hyundai, will increase its share and position in the group turnover and its contribution to Turkey’s production and exports. We are extremely proud to have signed such a great cooperation for the future of our country and our group.”

“We will increase our share in the Turkish television market to 15 percent”

Stating that they see the cooperation as an important opportunity to announce the name of Skytech to the whole world, Ugur Unsal, CEO of Skytech; “As a company, we carry out 380 different productions in our facility, which has an annual production capacity of 3 million units, 4 TVs, 2 electrical household appliances production lines and 4 fully automatic motherboard typesetting lines.

Today, we export 30 percent of our production to 17 countries. With the cooperation that will be Skytech’s gateway to new countries and markets, we will increase the number of countries we export to 50 in the near future. We aim to increase our exports by 50 percent every year. We will increase our share in the television market, which is 7 percent in Turkey, to 15 percent.

With the cooperation that will make a serious breakthrough in our production, sales and turnover, we aim for a turnover of 30 million dollars only with Hyundai products in 2023, and 120 million dollars in 3 years in total. While accelerating our steps towards becoming a global brand in cooperation with Hyundai, we will raise Turkey’s potential in technology production.” made statements.

Uğur Ünsal: “Our goal is to attract Hyundai representatives from many countries of the world to the Turkish market from Asia”

Stating that they believe that the cooperation will not only contribute to Skytech’s future goals, but also to Turkey’s technology, exports and production, they believe that Ugur Unsal, “As a technology manufacturer, we aim to sell Hyundai TV group products to different countries in the long term with this cooperation.

We have a production and distribution plan to attract Hyundai representatives in many countries of the world from Asia to the Turkish market. We want to realize production and create economies of scale without any stock or minimum order limits in our country, which is in the European Customs Union.” said.

“We think our cooperation with Skytech will continue for many years”

Stating that he is extremely happy to cooperate with Skytech, Hyundai Europe Branches Director Hyundae Kim; “We believe that our cooperation will continue for many years with Skytech’s contributions to Hyundai. In this context, we will continue to be in many markets with our products.”

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