Hydroponic plant cultivation studies continue in space

astronauts to enable long-term space missions to grow their own food is of great importance. In this context on the International Space Station (ISS) A number of studies are carried out on plant breeding. Recently established in the space station soilless production method is quite remarkable.

Astronauts receive the first crops of XROOTS

Previously on the ISS NASA Studies were carried out in the direction of growing plants in space. These systems typically used soil and clay-like materials for plant growth. However, new XROOTS system on the other hand, it does not need soil or similar environments in any way.

Scientists have grown plants in the soil of the Moon!

In the latest research by scientists, it has been revealed that it is possible to cultivate the soil and grow plants on the Moon.

This system, which only needs water and air, is also suitable for astronauts. an important convenience provides. Because the plant growing environment created from soil and similar materials can be complicated and difficult to maintain. In addition, it is stated that soil can potentially adversely affect plant and astronaut health.

XROOTS system, arrived at the ISS in February this year. XROOTS integrated into the space station’s Veggie system their first crops has started to give. This week, astronaut Jessica Watkins from XROOTS on Friday, June 24. radish and mizuna He began to gather his plants.

XROOTS system growing hydroponic plants It has various options for air based and water based It offers multiple rooms that can be used simultaneously for systems. The hardware also has cameras that monitor plants, including roots. In this way, researchers developmental processes of plants. can be followed in detail.

Similar systems are used around the world. But using these systems in space many difficulties it brings with it. At the beginning of these difficulties is the gravity problem. there is no gravity Plants can grow in different ways in different environments. To prevent this, powerful lighting systems are used. Ventilation system stands out as another challenge.

XROOTS system for 6 months will be tested. In this process, the development process of different plants will be monitored and data will be collected. It is very important to grow plants in order to spend longer time in space. So what do you think about growing plants in space? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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