Hydrogen fuel cell is coming to aircraft engines!

Land, air and sea vehicles are now slowly saying goodbye to fossil fuels. Manufacturers that have taken new steps in this regard are now turning to alternative drivetrains. One of them is hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The new model of the company called ZeroAvia is also an important milestone in this regard.

Hydrogen fuel cell HyFlyer II makes its first flight

Electric aircraft manufacturer ZeroAvia has announced that its HyFlyer II model has made its first flight. Taking off from Cotswold Airport in England and making its flight, HyFlyer II also holds the title of being the world’s largest hydrogen-electric aircraft.


Working on the HyFlyer II project since 2021, ZeroAvia took off its hydrogen fuel cell technology aircraft for the first time with the test flight. In the final version of the project, 600 kW electric motors will be located on both wings of the aircraft. In addition, up to 100 kilograms of compressed hydrogen will be stored on board. The aircraft will also be equipped with safety-based spare lithium-ion batteries.

The world's largest electric ferry is ready to go!

The world’s largest electric ferry is ready to go!

Incat Tasmania is ready to deliver the 148-metre Utility Ro-Pax, which will claim the title of the world’s largest electric ferry.

In the tests carried out yesterday, only one wing was equipped with an electric motor, while the original Honeywell TPE-331 engine of the aircraft served on the other side. After the prototype completes its task without any problems, double electric motor tests are planned in the future.

ZeroAvia plans to launch 19-seat aircraft with a range of 480 kilometers by 2024. By 2026, it aims to reach a range of 1,100 kilometers in aircraft with 40 to 80 seats. The company then wants to produce aircraft with a capacity of 90 passengers, with powers ranging from 2 to 5 MW.

The electric-powered aircraft company has so far received investments from many important companies. These companies include AP Ventures, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Horizons Ventures, Summa Equity, American Airlines and Shell Ventures. ZeroAvia aims to become the engine manufacturer of many companies in the coming period.

It looks like hydrogen fuel cell technology will be a part of our future. So what do you think about the new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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