Hundreds of Thousands of Hacker Job Postings Opened During the Pandemic Period

In a report by Kaspersky, it was observed that hundreds of thousands of job postings were opened on the DarkWeb between 2020-2022. In addition, there has been a large increase in the number of illegal job seekers.

With the rapid development of technology, our security on the internet has started to be endangered rapidly. As well as many scams through fake shopping sites credit card fraud and due to hacking of companies The breach of your personal data has also become one of today’s “ordinary” frauds. Especially during the pandemic period, many people closed their homes and even started to do their grocery shopping online. When this is the case, our security in the internet environment became much more important..

Russia-based world giant security company Kaspersky, on the other hand, has published a report on the hacker advertisements published on DarkWeb in the last 2 years. there has been a huge increase revealed. Moreover, many of these advertisements target companies and individual internet users.

More than 200,000 hacker postings have been published since 2020

According to the report published yesterday by Kaspersky, the company was present in 155 forums on the DarkWeb from January 2020 to June 2022. more than 200,000 It was stated that the hacker job posting was published. While 41% of these postings were published in 2020, most of these job postings were closed in March and it was stated that possibly hackers were hired. Kaspersky, on the other hand, is the site of software developers and white-hat hackers (well-intentioned) who quit their jobs during the pandemic and have plenty of free time at home. claims to have been interested.

In addition, the report includes detailed information about the “positions” of these job postings. job postings 61% to search for virus and malware developers opening attack experts, fake site designersJob postings such as , reverse engineer, analysts, test personnel and IT manager are also very popular.

There are also many people who want to make money illegally.

Kaspersky’s report also states that users in various forums are looking for jobs on the DarkWeb to earn money illegally. As in the example you see above, Fitbit, Logitech Even if it is illegal, people who work in world giant brands like these apply to these kinds of jobs to earn money.

In addition, it is also included in the report that many software developers and developers who were quarantined due to Covid-19 and had to spend a long time at home, resorted to illegal ways to earn money and posted ads on DarkWeb. The reason for this is that individuals who are quarantined or quit their jobs due to the pandemic want to earn money. If you remember, during 2020, many technology companies switched to working from home, downsizing, and even some companies declared bankruptcy. Here, some of the employees who left these companies are directly on the DarkWeb. If the purpose make easy money from home


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Although these ads, which have increased rapidly in 2020, have gradually lost their popularity these days, it should not be forgotten that thousands of new hackers are currently looking for victims. For this reason, while shopping on the Internet, examining the e-mails you receive, and even using the websites and applications you use every day. You need to be much more careful.

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