Huawei P50 Global Version Launch Date Announced

Chinese technology giant Huawei shared a date that marked the introduction of global versions of its new flagship. The launch, which is expected to introduce the Nova 9 model alongside the P50 and P50 Pro, will be held in Vienna on October 21.

victims of tensions between countries HuaweiDespite losing access to Google services, the performance of its smartphones has gotten better with each model released. In addition, the company, which is independent of Google services and managed to hold the majority of the user base with its completely own services, followed the highly successful P40 family. With global versions of the P50 series is getting ready to appear.

The new flagship, which was introduced last June, was appreciated before it was even experienced, especially with its camera. In this context, the models that users are eagerly waiting for the introduction of global versions A date that marks a date was shared by Huawei.

Global versions of the Huawei P50 and Nova 9 may be introduced on October 21:

huawei, 21 October He did not say which products will be introduced on the date, but as time and opportunities for the company are limited. P50 family We can say that it is difficult to come up with a model other than that. In addition, the presence of a smartphone in the image of the event date is a strong sign of the future of the P50 family.

Unlike previous series, this time it will be the only flagship series of Huawei. Unlike previous habits, this series, which we will see as the P50, is a Mate series will not accompany. Since the aforementioned Mate series was canceled this year, we can say that it is highly unlikely that we will see new Mate models until next year.

Huawei P50

At the event, alongside Huawei’s P50 family Nova 9 model is expected. In Nova 9, which will be a mid-range phone 6.57 inches in size OLED a screen, Full HD+ It offers resolution and Snapdragon 778G working with the processor.


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Due to the sanctions at the head of Huawei, in their global versions 5G will not be available known. In this context, it is certain that the models that will be behind their competitors in connection will still be a difficult competitor.

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