HSV: Faride Alidou pulls up and puts pressure on the contract – 2nd Bundesliga

This week HSV talent Faride Alidou (20) really lost his strength. 73 minutes in Paderborn (2: 1), 41 minutes in the Cup in Nuremberg (5: 3 nE), 72 minutes against Kiel (1: 1). An English week for the vertical starter from the U21.

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In the second half you noticed Alidou that the strength is coming to an end. He kept stretching to prevent cramps. Then coach Tim Walter (45) replaced Manuel Wintzheimer (22).

Before the break, the youngster had raised big again. Great solo runs, penalties and two yellow cards from the opponent.

Alidou does the best self-promotion. His contract expires at the end of the season. Then the new crowd favorite could leave the Volkspark free of charge. If he doesn’t sign a new HSV contract beforehand …

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