HSV – Aaron Hunt on the North Derby: HSV is a spectacle, Werder favorite – 2nd Bundesliga

The drinks are already cold, some friends have announced their arrival. On Saturday at 8.30 p.m. there is also a derby alarm in the house of ex-HSV captain Aaron Hunt (35): “I’ve seen every minute of this HSV season. It is clear that I will not miss the duel between my ex-clubs. I am very excited about it.”

13 years Werder, most recently six years HSV. Almost the entire football career of the technician took place in these two clubs.

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BILD: Who does your heart beat for on Saturday?

Hunt: “Since I last played at HSV, my relationship to Hamburg is greater than to Bremen. Unfortunately, I don’t know any players at Werder. ”

BILD: Who will win?

Hunt: “I think Werder will enter the game as an easy favorite. Bremen have had good results recently and are on the up after a weak start. But HSV will not be beaten so easily. I’m betting on a draw. ”

BILD: Because Hamburg can’t lose the second important derby this season?

Hunt: “After the defeat at Pauli (2: 3, d. Red.) You can’t lose both derbies. That would not only be a real mood killer among HSV fans. There is a lot at stake here. ”

BILD: Will the outcome of the derby be groundbreaking for the HSV season?

Hunt: “In any case, it will be an indicator of where Hamburg is currently.”

BILD: How hard is it for you that you miss this encounter against your Bremen past?

Hunt: “I have to admit that I would have loved to have played the Northern Derby. It is the way it is now and I keep myself fit every day so that I can play football again if there is a suitable offer. I am very hot, and I have a great mood. I stay relaxed and hope that there is still something to come. ”

BILD: As a player, were you excited before the blast in the Weser Stadium?

Hunt: “You try a lot to hide around yourself. It’s a very special game. The mood is always heated. And at the latest when you roll down the ramp in the bus from Osterdeich, every HSV player knows where he is there. ”

BILD: At HSV, the fans said goodbye to you in the first home game of the season against Dresden. What else do you have in common with Bremen?

Hunt: “I am still often on the Weser. My older son and numerous friends live there. I also owe a lot to Werder. That’s when I turned professional and scored my first goals in the Bundesliga and Champions League there. ”

BILD: How do you rate HSV’s new style of play?

Hunt: “A spectacle is guaranteed. The game looks good from the outside. I like the new style. HSV can score three, four or more goals in every game. But just as many cash in. In my opinion, you are still too vulnerable at the back. A goal is always in the air. Not everything has been established yet. Of course, that also takes time. ”

BILD: Who is currently the most prominent player at HSV for you?

Hunt: “This is Daniel Heuer Fernandes. His football skills are uniquely good. The way Daniel participates in building up the game is great. The goalkeeper is currently the most consistent player at HSV. I am very happy that he can now show himself. The last season, which he spent almost entirely on the bench, was not easy for him. “