Hozon Neta U is in Turkey: Here are its Price and Features

Founded in 2014, Chinese automobile manufacturer Hozon Neta entered the Turkish market. The brand will first sell its compact SUV named “Neta U” in our country. So, what features is this vehicle equipped with and how much does it cost?

The automotive industry has recently come under pressure from Chinese manufacturers. Chinese brandsbegan to establish its presence in many European countries, including Turkey. In this context; As of now, a new brand has entered Turkey. This brand was founded in 2014 and has been doing remarkable work to date. hozon neta happened.

Hozon Neta, which officially entered Turkey, opened its first sales store in Kağıthane, Istanbul. GRS Automobility It has opened with its name. Consumers will be able to purchase Hozon Neta branded vehicles through this dealer or by using the company’s website. Well Hozon Neta, Which vehicle will he sell in Turkey?

Hozon Neta’s first car in Turkey: Introducing Neta U!

entering Turkey Neta Uis a car in the compact SUV category. The vehicle, which has a very innovative design, is slim and with strip LEDs It draws attention with its supported lighting. At the rear of the vehicle, the LED supported light bar does not go unnoticed.

Neta U design

When we look at the interior of the vehicle modern and simple We come across a cabin. The full digital display screen and the infotainment screen in a single panel, in total 16 inch image area provides. We also see a second screen on the middle/lower console. This is the second screen, climate control is used for the purpose.

Neta U interior design

Hozon Neta U is one of the new generation cars with its fully electric structure. in the vehicle 120 kW It has a high-capacity electric motor. The electric motor, which produces 210 Nm of torque, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds. The battery pack in the vehicle is for urban use. up to 540 kilometersIt offers a range of up to 420 kilometers in mixed use. With the high-speed DC charger, Neta U charges from 30 percent to 80 percent in half an hour.

GRS Automobility General Manager Vedat Uygunmade the following statements in his statement on the subject: We continue to work on our after-sales services at full speed within the scope of the regulation that came into force recently. We have emphasized that well-established after-sales services, widespread service network, customer satisfaction and the feeling of belonging to our brand are much more important than sales figures, and we emphasize again. On the other hand, Hozon Neta will enter the European market in the second quarter of the year, within the framework of its global strategies. For major European market Our country is considered a strong production base and is seen as an important candidate for investment in production.

Neta U price – February 2024

Neta U price

Engine-Fuel Hardware-Gearbox Price
120 kW, Electric -, Automatic 1,649,000 TL


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