How will Google’s mid-segment monster Pixel 6a look?

Google launched the Pixel 6 family last month and introduced the new generation to its users. The Tensor processor, which made new promises in camera and performance, was one of the biggest claims of this generation. to the upper segment The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, which are owned by the company, are salty for their price. More affordable Pixel 6a will be the answer to those who want a phone, so it is curious. device with known details first render images created and published.

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First render images for Pixel 6a released

As in previous generations of the Pixel series, Google plans to launch a mid-segment device in this generation as well. The details known about the Pixel 6a so far include that it will have a smaller screen and no jack input there was. Earlier A variants had a headphone jack, apparently the jack jack is no longer preferred. device on the screen of fingerprint reader won’t be is also known. Although there is a point front camera in these render images, this detail is not very full. Although it is not known exactly what kind of notch the device will come with. point to notch we can welcome.

When such predictions and leaks are collected, the following design emerges.

There is good news about the dimensions of the device. Although Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are criticized for their size, this device will be even smaller than Pixel 5a. Although the device has a slightly thicker camera bump than the previous generation, it is generally smaller in size. As far as is known, we will be facing a device with a length of 152.2mm, a width of 71.8mm and a thickness of 8.9mm.

Tensor processor may not be in this device

The Tensor processor, which is used for the first time in smartphones, is focused on high performance. This increases its production cost to the highest point. The Pixel 6a, which is affordable, uses the Tensor processor due to the price. may not use. Instead, we are likely to encounter a Snapdragon processor as in previous years.

Pixel 6a specs right now blurry. In addition to the processor, we cannot transfer other information such as RAM and storage options at this time. We will notify you when new details become available.

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