How will Apple’s increased prices be?

Since Tuesday, November 23, Apple Turkey has closed all products on its online sales site for sale. Although it is obvious that this move is due to the dollar rate, many users state that they cannot place an order or their orders are cancelled. So how much will Apple raise when it puts its products on sale again? We calculated for you on the expected dollar rate for some devices. The result is quite surprising….

How much will Apple raise the iPhones?

If you wish, let’s leave you alone with our video without further ado. Enjoy watching.

To calculate the tax on technological products:

Turkish lira It has been moving in a continuous fluctuation for the last 1 year. But we passed September The depreciation that started in May reached its peak this month. As of today 1 dollar, 13,527 TL reached its highest value in its history. Currently, many online technology sales platforms and stores November discounts continues. But in such an environment Apple’s It attracted attention that it stopped all sales on its own page.

iPhone 11, which is among the phones we calculated, is in the USA $499 It has a price tag. If the official sales price of the iPhone 11 in our country is equivalent to dollars $479. If we consider this amount as 1 dollar 12 TL (25 November dollar rate), when all the taxes you can see below are added 11,293 TL holding.

The iPhone 13, Apple’s newest smartphone introduced in September of this year, is in the US. $799 selling pricehas a tin. When we convert the Turkish selling price of this phone to dollars, 719 dollars doing. When we convert this amount from the current exchange rate and add the taxes on it, the new selling price is obtained. 16,951 TL is happening.

Finally, the price of 40 thousand TL is expected by many people, but it is not. iPhone 13 Pro Max, in the USA for $1,099 selling. If the price in our country is in dollars, $1,078 holding. In the same way, when we convert the current exchange rate and add the taxes, we see it. new sale price of 25,415 TL it turns out.

Which Apple product did you buy? How do you expect prices to change? Let’s discuss together on our forum.

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