How were sperm discovered?

Even before the microscope was invented, people had fairly accurate ideas about sex and reproduction. However, until the late 17th century, no one knew what sperm was. So, how was sperm discovered, which would disgust even the scientist who discovered it?

Almost everyone knows that sperm is a fluid that emerges in the testicles from the puberty period in men. Since the existence of humanity sexuality, reproduction People already had ideas about such matters, but what sperm was was not exactly known until it was discovered.

Because of the image that the discovering scientist encountered under the microscope terrified and we have compiled in our content the story of the discovery of sperm, which he was ashamed to reveal to the scientific world.

First of all, what exactly is sperm, which everyone must hear?

As we can remember from our biology knowledge at primary school level, the cell is the smallest structural unit of the body. In short, sperm men only can be defined as a reproductive cell. Sperm are produced in the male testicles and are not expelled alone. When expelled from the body semen It is excreted in a mixed form with a liquid called semen, that is, sperm cannot be seen alone.

We are all born as a result of the union of a sperm with an egg in a woman. The hereditary information in the head of the sperm, called DNA, constitutes half of the features that make us who we are. When sperm is examined under a microscope just like a worm It appears to consist of a head and a tail. It has been observed that it moves by curling up due to its tail.

Since the existence of humanity, people have had an opinion about the issues of sex and reproduction. But what exactly is sperm? late 17th century correctly understood.

Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek, who is also seen as the father of microbiology, started to make his voice heard in the scientific world at that time.

Before Leeuwenhoek made the discoveries that would become so famous in the scientific world, he was actually a was a draper. After a while, it’s actually just to look at threads and fabrics in more detail. own lenses and microscope developed. He never trained himself as a scientist, but his strong intelligence began to benefit the scientific world.

With his microscope, he discovered many things, from bacteria to bee stings, from lake microbes to head lice. He described these discoveries in an important magazine of the time. As a matter of fact, when European and scientifically educated people read about these discoveries, they were amazed. This is how Leeuwenhoek began to make a name for himself.

Leeuwenhoek, who became known in the scientific world, was asked to examine the semen.

Leeuwenhoek became known in the scientific world, especially in the field of microbiology, thanks to the research results he wrote for journals. Although she lives in the Netherlands, she has also become known in the UK. King’s secretary Henry Oldenburg, constantly asking him to examine the semen. Up to the present it’s disgusting No one wanted to examine the semen, including the sperm, because it was thought

Leeuwenhoek came from a bourgeois-class family and had religious beliefs. There was an insistent request that he examine the semen. However, the only reason for rejecting these offers is their religious beliefs. Although he found this discovery wrong and even repulsive, he could not resist the insistence.


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Before starting the research, he wrote a letter expressing his embarrassment.

In addition, if the research results are too disgusting and embarrassing He also stated that the results can be destroyed as desired.

Leeuwenhoek, your results he thought it was embarrassing. At the same time, he said that after a while, he would accept this discovery and observations about sperm, even if it was hidden as if it had never happened. Leeuwenhoek thought he didn’t find anything special, even if he did all this research on sperm and sent it to the appropriate places.

Interesting things were slowly emerging in sperm discovery.

While Leeuwenhoek was starting to discover sperm, some of the things he could see during the discovery phase. with strange fibrous structures became interested. What he sees as strange fibrous structures is It was the tail of the sperm. Leeuwenhoek didn’t realize with the possibility of those times, but the sperm cell is the human body. it was like nothing.

It was later realized that performing functions outside the body The only human cell is the sperm cell. However, it is said that even under today’s conditions, the function of sperm and what exactly it is trying to do are not understood.

On why Leeuwenhoek doesn’t see semen as something of interest valid reasons there was. In the years when sperm began to be researched, that is, at the beginning of the 17th century, although people had opinions on issues such as sexuality, sex and reproduction, it was of course unthinkable that the semen coming out of the man helped the fertilization of the egg in the woman. So, given the circumstances of the time, Leeuwenhoek was absolutely right to think that semen wasn’t interesting.


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