How Well Do You Dominate Spider-Man?

How well do you know Spider-Man, one of the most loved superheroes? Today we have prepared a quiz with some extremely difficult questions to test your Spider-Man knowledge.

Marvel’s legendary name Stan Lee‘s immortal character Spider-Man has appeared in many movies since the beginning of the 2000s. Tobey MaguireSpider-Man, the great superhero of our childhood with the trilogy brought to life by , was later appeared as a second series with the phrase “Incredible” on its head. Our superhero, who was completely in the hands of Fox in this process, was included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a result of the agreement of Fox and Disney. There are other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where our superhero, who has 8 solo films in total, is based on these 3 series. Let us remind you that you can watch Spider-Man movies on Disney+ starting June 24.

Great for you today We have prepared a quiz where you can challenge your Spider-Man knowledge. You can prove how good a Spider-Man fan you are by answering the questions in this test, which consists of 20 questions in total. The questions in our test do not include comics and movies. The questions we gathered from the 3 Spider-Man series and the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in total. Some may force you a little. So let’s move on to our quiz to prove how well you know the neighborhood superhero, Spider-Man.

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How much do you dominate the world of Spider-Man?

1) Which actor played the Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man movie?

a) Neil Ross

B) Willem Dafoe

C) Jorma Taccone

D) Andy Serkis

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2) What is the name of the newspaper where Peter Parker was photographing?


a) Daily News

B) Daily Bugle

C) times

D) The New York Times

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3) Which actors respectively played our superhero in Spider-Man movies with 3 different series?

Spider Man

a) Tom Holland – Andrew Garfield – Tobey Maguire

B) Andrew Garfield – Tobey Maguire – Tom Holland

C) Tobey Maguire – Tom Holland – Andrew Garfield

D) Tobey Maguire – Andrew Garfield – Tom Holland

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4) What does Doctor Octavius ​​say about Peter Parker’s personality in Spider-Man 2 in the first series?

Doctor Octavius

a) strong but good

B) Intelligent and hardworking

C) Talented but child

D) Clever but lazy

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5) Which character did not come from a parallel universe in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man: No Homecoming movie?


a) Dr. Octavian

B) Electro

C) Doctor Strange

D) Green Goblin

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6) What did Stan Lee say to Peter Parker, who will get the key to the city in the Spider-Man 3 movie in the first series?

Stan Lee

a) To wait. What I hate is waiting.

B) I think even one person can make a difference. So.

C) Joy is also something that is shared. Explanations can wait.

D) Desperation makes people do anything.

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7) In the first Spider-Man movie of 2002, how many dollars would Peter Parker be paid for wrestling in the newspaper advertisement he looked at?

Spider Man

a) 1000 dollars

B) 3000 dollars

C) 500 dollars

D) 100 dollars

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8) What is the name of the girl Peter Parker loves in The Amazing Spider-Man, the second series?

Spider-Man and his girlfriend

a) Mary Jane Watson

B) Gwen Stacy

C) Michelle Jones

D) May Watson

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9) In the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, where is Peter Parker’s first encounter with the “Elements”?


a) Rome

B) new York

C) Venice

D) Prague

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10) What advice did Uncle Ben give Peter Parker in the first Spider-Man movie?

Uncle Ben

a) Love is the greatest power in this world.

B) Use your power for good.

C) Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

D) Only the strong survive.

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11) What is the name of Doctor Octavius’ wife in Spider-Man 2 in the first series?

Doctor Octavius' wife

a) Ashley Octavius

B) Rosalie Octavius

C) Rey Octavius

D) Gwen Octavius

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12) Which one has not been Spider-Man’s rival in the movies so far?

Spider Man

a) Green Goblin

B) Electro

C) The Rhino

D) Whiplash

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13) What item did Doctor Octavius ​​request from Harry Osborne in the Spider-Man 2 movie in the first series?

Doctor Octavius

a) palladium

B) tiritium

C) Dark matter

D) Silicon

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14) What bothers Venom in the Spider-Man 3 movie in the first series?


a) Ringing high metal sound

B) exposure to water

C) Height

D) knife stabbing

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15) What is the name of the actor who played Spider-Man in Captain America: Clash of Heroes?

Spider Man

a) Tobey Maguire

B) Tom Holland

C) Andrew Garfield

D) Tom Hardy

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16) What is the name of the boy Peter Parker had a fight with in high school in The Amazing Spider-Man, the first movie of the second series?

Peter Parker

a) jack

B) Curt

C) Harry

D) flash

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17) What is the real name of the character Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie in the second series?


a) Harry Osborn

B) Max Dillon

C) Eddie Brock

D) Thomas Haden

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18) Who is Peter Parker’s best friend in the third Spider-Man series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Peter Parkers

a) Jon Favreau

B) Ned Leeds

C) Brad Davis

D) Betty Brant

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19) In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man: Far From Home movie, Tony Stark’s glasses left to Peter Parker were activated when told what?

Peter Parker with glasses

a) Edith

B) Pepper Potts

C) Morgan

D) stark

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20) What are the last words Peter Parker said to Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame?

Tony Stark

a) Mr. Tony Stark, can you hear my voice, Tony?

B) We won! You did it sir, you did it. Sorry. Tony.

C) I’m sorry, sir. hold on.

D) You’ll be okay, Tony. Please.

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