How well do SDN editors handle your phone?

We continue to bring you colorful moments from the SDN office. Our SDN editor Çağla Tanrıverdi measured how well Furkan and Samet use their phones.

How well do SDN editors handle your phone?

If you wish, without further ado, let’s leave you alone with our video. Enjoy watching.

Samet, who has been using the iPhone 13 for a while, and Furkan, who has been using the iPhone 13 Pro Max, took the test of our new editor Çağla. Both of our editors closed their eyes and gave various instructions on the phone they were using.

Furkan was partially successful in shooting Instagram stories, tweeting, and sending messages on WhatsApp. Samet, on the other hand, was more successful than Furkan by using a better keyboard and layout. As it can be understood from here, although the large-screen phone is comfortable, in practice, using a smaller phone seems more convenient and accessibility is high.

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