How to turn on battery percentage on iPhones?

iPhone battery percentage display Apple users are very curious about this issue. To see battery percentage on iPhone with Face ID control center; To see it on an iPhone with a home button, go to Settings > Battery. Battery Percentage option You need to open it. Unfortunately, iPhones with Face ID do not support permanently displaying battery percentage in the status bar.

In our guide, we’ve covered how to show battery percentage on iPhones with Face ID, including iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13, and models with a home button.

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iPhone battery percentage display

Since the notch on the iPhone 13 series is slightly smaller, many expected Apple to bring the battery percentage back to the status bar. Unfortunately, the expectations were not fulfilled. But still there are ways to get battery percentage back to iPhone status bar.

The easiest way to always make the battery percentage available is to use the battery widget on the home screen or on another page of the app. developed ‘Batteries toolkit’ Thanks to it, you can place a widget on your device that constantly displays the battery percentage.

Adding the Batteries widget to your home screen

To add the Batteries widget to your home screen to monitor the battery levels of your iPhone and its accessories (AirPods, Apple Pencil, etc.):

  • Touch and hold the Home Screen background until the apps start to vibrate.
  • at the top of the screen (+) Tap , then scroll down and Batteries’Tap e.

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