How to rent a marti? Download seagull app

Recently, micromobility vehicles have started to become popular. Without a doubt, the Martı project is one of them. The project, which became operational in 2019, continues to serve in certain provinces of Turkey. The electric scooter, which attracts the attention of people of all ages, is especially useful in cities with high traffic. We answered the questions that many people wondered, such as “What is a seagull, how to rent it, how to download the Martı application”.

What is a seagull?

How to use seagull? How to rent a marti? [2023]

Firstly Seagull Let’s take a look at what the project is. Developed by Turkish engineers, the electric scooter is a very entertaining means of transportation. Martı, which you can rent whenever you want and go wherever you want without getting stuck in traffic, is being used in cities with high traffic as of 2023, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya.

Seagull is on the road with his electric vehicle after his scooter

Seagull is on the road with his electric vehicle after his scooter

Martı, which is a shared domestic electric scooter entry, is now in use in many cities. According to a new news from the company, Martı will soon appear on the roads with its electric vehicle service.

If you live in one of the cities with a lot of traffic, you are likely to come across these electric scooters on the roadside. This paid service charges per minute.

How to download the Seagull application?

How to use seagull? How to rent a marti? [2023]

The application, which is very easy to download, is offered to users for free. All you have to do is iOS or Android by entering the application market on your device free download somehow. If you wish, you can download the application from the links below.

  • To download the Marti iOS app click.
  • To download the Marti Android app click.

How is it rented?

After downloading the application, you can start finding seagulls using the map inside. After you find the electric scooter on the map, read the barcode on the application.

After scanning the barcode, the application will give you a 4 digit password will send. After the password is received, the one on the seagull unlock using this password open. Once unlocked, the scooter will be ready for use.

How are the controls?

You can animate the seagull by pushing twice with your feet.

All you have to do to move the scooter is, pushing twice with your foot needs. After the scooter starts to move, you can accelerate with the button on the right and brake with the button on the left.

Of course, the Seagull scooter also has certain rules. These:

  • be over 18 years old
  • For those aged between 16 and 18, M and A1 driver’s licenses will be required.
  • Top speed will be 18 km/h
  • More than one person is not allowed to ride
  • Pedestrians and disabled/elderly citizens will not be endangered.
  • Personal belongings cannot be transported

How can we end the journey?

You can park anywhere you want within the service area.

You wanted to end your trip or your battery started to run out. In such a case, you can end the journey by connecting the scooter to the first pole you see. However, there are some tricks here. After attaching the scooter to the pole take a photo and save it needs. An error to be made during the photo shoot is the reason for the penalty payment.

In addition, the thing you should pay attention to is to park the scooter in a place where everyone can easily enter. You may face a fine for a violation while parking. Last thing we want to add; If you are involved in any accident while using the seagull, you will have to cover the damages to the scooter yourself. That’s why you need to know these rules before renting Marti scooters.

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