How to reduce fuel consumption? Here are the most effective methods!

Due to rising fuel prices, driving a car is becoming an increasingly costly choice. Although electric cars have become widespread, cars with internal combustion engines are still the most widely used. So how to reduce fuel consumption? What are the ways to reduce fuel consumption? Here are 5 ways to reduce your fuel consumption in 5 steps…

Reduce your fuel consumption in 5 steps!

We told you how to reduce your fuel consumption in 5 steps. If you follow these 5 steps correctly, you will notice significant savings in your fuel consumption.

1- Avoid stop-go traffic!

Avoiding stop-and-go traffic is actually not possible if you live in a city like Istanbul. However, it is important to avoid the stop-and-go progression as much as possible. Because, contrary to popular belief, a car burns the most fuel at the time of take-off, not while driving. If you reduce this habit, you will get serious savings.

2- At idle, put the gear in neutral and stop using it!

Contrary to popular belief, a car burns more fuel in idle rather than in gear. In general, all users take the cars to idle so that they will burn less. However, this is a completely misconception. While your car is in gear, it doesn’t burn fuel unless you step on the gas. Therefore, when going down any slope or slowing down your car, do not put the gear in neutral. Thus, you prevent the fuel that the car burns at idle.

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3- Use the automatic air conditioner instead of opening the windows!

It may make more sense to open the windows instead of the air conditioner while driving your car on hot summer days. However, this is completely wrong. When you open the windows, the air flow that will fill the car will slow down your car and cause you to consume more fuel. However, if you turn on the automatic air conditioner, the air conditioner engine works in the regular rev range, consuming a sufficient amount of fuel that will not affect your consumption.

4- Leave the unused barbecue and chairs in the trunk at home!

One of the things that Turkish people love the most is barbecue. That’s why every typical Turkish family has a picnic tube and a chair in their trunk. However, the fact that this and similar things are always in the trunk only increases your fuel consumption. Throw away the weights by removing all unnecessary items from your car.

5- Proceed with the correct tire pressure!

Not with tires that are too hard or too soft. Take care to drive your car with the correct tire pressure. If you’re asking where to find the correct tire pressure, it’s pretty simple. Although it varies from car to car, these values ​​are written on the labels inside the doors or on the fuel tank caps. You can find out your ideal tire pressure by checking the values ​​on these labels.

So how do you “reduce fuel consumption?” What do you think of our list? Do not forget to give your opinion in the comments section.

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