How to Learn RAM MHz? RAM MHZ Learning Methods

Since RAM, which is the temporary storage memory of our computers, is an extremely important piece of hardware for device performance, its operating speed, in other words MHz, is just as important as its capacity. If you don’t know this speed yet, let’s see some of the simplest programmed and unprogrammed methods you can apply for RAM MHz learning.

Even if you are not very familiar with the technical equipment of computers and do not have thoughts to build a computer from scratch, we are sure that you have heard of the hardware called RAM. We all know more or less what RAM is because it is the temporary storage memory of our computer. The power of this hardware directly affects computer performance. However, working speed is just as important as RAM power.

The operating speed of the RAM hardware is shown in MHz. RAM speed, also called memory speed, is not known by many people, but it is extremely important because it directly affects the operating speed of the motherboard. Therefore, this value should be known in terms of its relationship with other hardware. Bride You can use it for RAM MHz learning process. Let’s take a closer look at the simplest programmatic and non-programmed methods.

Let’s start with the basics, what is RAM?

Random Access Memory, short for RAM, is the where data is temporarily stored is a storage unit. The data stored here is deleted when your computer is shut down or restarted. The main purpose of the RAM, which starts working as soon as the computer is turned on, is to enable the processor to reach the data much faster and thus to offer the most powerful performance.

So what is the RAM memory MHz speed?

RAM MHz, also known as memory speed and RAM speed, refers to the operating speed of the RAM hardware. The higher the RAM MHz data exchange is just as fast and efficient. The RAM memory capacity, which we also refer to as RAM power, is shown in GB, while RAM operating speed is generally indicated by the abbreviation MHz in megahertz.

learning ram mhz

Programmed and unprogrammed RAM MHz learning methods:

  • Method #1: Finding RAM MHz via cmd Command Prompt page
  • Method #2: Finding RAM MHz via Task Manager page
  • Method #3: Learning RAM MHz with CPU-Z program

Method #1: Finding RAM MHz via cmd Command Prompt page:

  • Step #1: Open the Windows search bar.
  • Step #2: Type cmd and search.
  • Step #3: Open the Command Prompt page from the results.
  • Step #4: Type wmic memorychip get speed on the Command Prompt page and press Enter.
  • Step #5: The RAM speed will be displayed under the Speed ​​heading.
  • Step #6: It doesn’t write, but this speed is in MHz.

learning ram mhz

On your computer with Windows 7, Windows 10 and other versions, it is enough to follow the above steps to learn RAM MHz via cmd Command Prompt page. Even if it is an effective and simple method Since it only shows the RAM MHz value over a single command, you cannot learn much detailed information about your general hardware and RAM.

Method #2: Finding RAM MHz via Task Manager page:

  • Step #1: Press the Windows key + X key combination.
  • Step #2: Open the page by clicking the Task Manager option from the menu that opens.
  • Step #3: Expand the Performance tab from the menu on the left of the page.
  • Step #4: Click on the memory header.
  • Step #5: The Speed ​​heading in the lower right corner of the screen is the RAM MHz value.

learning ram mhz

Just follow the steps above to learn RAM MHz from the Task Manager page on your computer with Windows operating system. In addition to learning the RAM MHz value from the Task Manager page, the processes on your computer, hardware performance, application history, You can also get detailed information about startup applications, users, task details and system services.

The Performance tab on the Task Manager page contains a lot of detailed information. You can see your CPU, memory, SSD, Wi-Fi and GPU performance. In the memory header, it is also possible to learn the RAM available space, used space, speed, slots used, form factor and hardware reserved space. In other words, Task Manager is the page where you can get the most detailed information about your hardware.

Method #3: Learning RAM MHz with CPU-Z program:

  • Step #1: Download CPU-Z from the link here.
  • Step #2: Complete the installation.
  • Step #3: Run the CPU-Z program.
  • Step #4: Open the Memory tab.
  • Step #5: Locate the DRAM Frequency header.
  • Step #6: Twice the DRAM Frequency is your RAM MHz, so multiply the number you see by 2.

learning ram mhz

To find out the RAM MHz value of your computer through the CPU-Z program, simply follow the steps above. CPU-Z, about your computer hardware It is one of the programs where you can see the most detailed information. It is possible to use it with peace of mind as it is reliable and does not take up too much space on your computer.

How do we know how many GB of RAM the computer has?

Understanding how many GB of RAM the computer has, that is, learning the RAM memory, and learning RAM MHz are extremely similar. How many GB of RAM You can find out on the Task Manager page or using programs like CPU-Z. If you are going to buy a new RAM or computer, you can already see the relevant details in the technical specifications section. If you are not satisfied, it is also possible to contact the manufacturer.

learning ram mhz

Things to consider when buying RAM:

You looked at the RAM MHz value and how many GB it is, you realized that this RAM is not enough for you and you should buy a new one. So how to choose the right memory, RAM for the computer? Of course, you should first set a budget for yourself, keeping the realities of our country in the foreground. It is possible to get results much faster if you pass the searches you will make later through this budget filter.

4 GB for standard use, 8 GB for average games, 16 GB for multitasking, 32 GB for much more professional use will do the trick. Of course these are the minimum values, otherwise There are many softwares where even 32 GB is not enough. You also need to pay attention to motherboard compatibility. The transfer rate you need for DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5 will vary. Of course, RAM MHz speed is also an important factor that you should pay attention to. Whether you buy dual or single RAM also affects this choice.

It directly affects the performance of our computer. memory operating speed How to learn RAM MHz We talked about the programmed and unprogrammed methods that you can apply by answering the question. What is your RAM MHz speed? You can share your experiences in the comments.

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