How to Increase Gray Matter in the Brain?

The gray matter in the central nervous system of our brain has a direct connection with the IQ level, and the interesting thing is that we can increase our IQ level by increasing the gray matter in our brain. For this purpose, we have listed the activities that should be done both to have a healthy life and to increase the gray matter in our brain.

It is already known how important the gray and white matter in the nerve center of our brain are, and scientists continue to conduct extensive research for these two substances. Scientists find gray matter in the brain It can be increased and this number can be maintained by various methods in later ages. states.

We wanted to take a look at these research-proven methods. Below are our recommendations it may sound familiar however, it is useful to know that all of them are of great importance both to have a healthy life and to help increase the gray matter in the brain. That’s why you should listen to all these recommendations and at least give it a try, for yourself. a healthy and beneficial step it could be.

What is gray matter, why is it so important?

Before moving on to the recommendations, let’s take a closer look at what is gray matter, why we need to increase and protect the number of gray matter in our brain. our brain in the central nervous system There are two different substances, white and gray. White matter is made up of neural networks and is located in the brain. information transfer provides.

Gray matter in the hippocampus simply teaches us how to think, feel, and act. Scientists believe that gray matter, which is directly related to IQ, is extremely important. cognitive abilities He says he totally depends on it. For example, low gray matter ratio mental retardation, dementia and alzheimer’s disease is associated with.

Let’s come to why we want to try to increase the gray matter in our brains. Let alone being protected from the diseases mentioned above, we are sure that everyone wants to raise their IQ level in some way. Studies have shown that the brains of people with high IQ there is a large amount of gray matter And the fun part is that it can be increased throughout our lives. Let’s see how it will be if you wish.



When you consult a specialist focused on the brain and especially gray and white matter your first advice We are sure that it will definitely be meditation. Meditation not only calms the human mind and makes one feel good, but also highly allows it to increase.


What is Meditation? Why Do People Meditate?

In a study on the link between meditation and gray matter, 27 minutes a day for 8 weeks It has been observed that people who meditate cause a significant increase in gray matter in their brains. In fact, although the activity may seem like meditation on the surface, the data shared by scientists share a different side of the event.

In the article published, people who meditated for 8 weeks that they treat themselves better and more compassionatelywith all of these your self awareness It is stated that there are some emotions that lead to an increase in gray matter. In other words, being emotionally good, compassionate and conscious towards ourselves is among the factors that will help increase gray matter.

exercise regularly


Exercising regularly is extremely important in increasing gray matter, as it is in all areas of life. According to scientific studies, regular exercise really helps to increase gray matter in the brain.


Exercising 35 Minutes A Day Helps Fight Depression, According to Harvard Researchers

in Germany approx. over 2000 people in a study People who run at least 150 minutes a week It was observed that the number of gray matter in their brains increased. Surprisingly, people over the age of 60 who exercise regularly have gray matter in their brains. extremely well preserved appeared. Scientists have shown that Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases are linked to gray matter in the brain, and the more gray matter, the more of these diseases. it will turn out so hard states.

Control your coffee consumption


A recent study found that caffeine reduces gray matter in the brain. appeared. The scientists who conducted the study showed that caffeine did not cause any cognitive harm, but in MRI scans of the people they experimented with. decreased gray matter He said what he saw.


Caffeine Affects Creativity Differently Than Known, According to Science

Scientists state that gray matter recovers quickly after caffeine consumption is stopped, so reducing coffee consumption as much as possible can help protect gray matter in our brain. If you say that I will drink coffee, I cannot give up my pleasure, to decaf coffees you can orient.

Do activities that will challenge your memory

jigsaw puzzle

Doing memory-related activities such as jigsaw puzzles, sudoku and crosswords not only improves your memory but also improves your memory. to improve your language and questioning skills. It helps. Among such activities, there is another game that you can play with your family or friends you have known for a long time, apart from the games we have mentioned above.


The Best Puzzle Games to Find on PC and Consoles

In this extremely simple game, you and the people you play the game need to remember something from the past that can be in your memory. For example, trying to remember what your sister wore to her graduation celebration, and asking her to remember the year you went into the military. It is an activity that is both fun and extremely useful for your memory. will be. In an indirect way, you will be commemorating the past with your loved ones.

Watch what you eat, consume plenty of olive oil

olive oil

As a matter of fact, experts do not insist on eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise for nothing. Eating healthy is of great importance in our lives, but we will discuss it in this section. the connection of nutrients with gray and white matter We will focus.

The most beneficial nutrient that helps increase and maintain gray and white matter, olive oil seen as. That’s why scientists and researchers He should definitely consume olive oil at every meal. states. Experts, who state that olive oil should not be skipped, especially at dinner, recommend avocado and coconut oil as alternatives for those who do not like its taste.

Foods rich in omega-3, organic nut butter, flax, chia and hemp seeds increase not only gray matter but also white matter in the brain. Experts say it’s not what you eat for breakfast, You also need to be careful how you eat.i states. Studies have shown that a slow breakfast with a cup of tea is better than a rushed breakfast. make the brain work much better it causes.

Establish a stable sleep pattern

sleep patterns

Most people already know that the brain renews itself during sleep, but let us remind you once again for those who do not know. Sleep is indeed an important process for the brain, and the brain really does during sleep. by making foolish actions It leads to the development of our brain and refreshing our memory. For example, which memory the brain should remember and which should it forget. that you decided while we were sleeping soundly in bed did you know?


According to Scientists, You Shouldn’t Try to Get Your Sleep Needed with Coffee

The simplest and most useful thing we can do to help our brain is to establish a regular sleep cycle. What we should pay particular attention to in this regard is Trying to go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning will be. The amount of sleep we need daily for adults It consists of 7-9 hours. Creating a healthy sleep pattern without giving our body less or more than it needs will also allow the gray matter to increase.

Try to learn something new every day


Have you ever thought about how difficult it can be to be a taxi driver in London? in England All London Knowledge There is a rule that a driver who wants to be a taxi driver must learn and memorize. lasting about 2 to 4 years must have this information. Well, you might ask, what is the connection between gray matter and being a taxi driver in London?

In a study conducted in England, the number of taxi drivers who passed the All London Knowledge exam their hippocampus is larger than normal humans appeared. The reason is to learn something for 2-4 years, to memorize it and then when they become a taxi driver. putting what they have learned into practice.

In order for gray matter to reproduce, scientists it is necessary to constantly learn something and then apply it. states. For example, you can try to learn a new language as a hobby, even if not professionally, by memorizing vocabulary just like we mentioned before, you can strain your memory. Reading newspapers, magazines, books and similar things every day and learning something new in an area of ​​your interest will play a significant role in increasing the gray matter in your brain.