How to hide ways on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used platform among messaging applications. However, although some people do not want to prefer it, they have to use it for school and work reasons. People who do not want to use it, usually keep using their personal information on WhatsApp. So, is it possible to completely hide on WhatsApp and how to hide it? Here are the ways to be invisible on WhatsApp…

First steps to hide on WhatsApp: Username and profile photo

Among the first steps to hide on WhatsApp is not adding the username or making a different name. Because the name is the biggest factor in revealing the identity of the person. You can set the WhatsApp username from the Profile section in the Settings section. So much so that the name written here creates the identity of the WhatsApp user.

Users who do not want to choose a username to hide on WhatsApp can hide their identities by typing a different name or putting an emoji. Those who do not want to do both and do not want to write anything completely can create an obscure WhatsApp Profile by following the steps below:

WhatsApp users beware: doing these can get you banned!

WhatsApp users beware: doing these can get you banned!

What actions can get you banned from the online messaging app WhatsApp? Here are the details…

  • WhatsApp Settings
  • Edit Profile
  • Paste the ⇨ ຸ icon in the WhatsApp username field
  • Remove the arrow icon on the left right after

The WhatsApp username will be invisible with this method. Another way to be invisible on WhatsApp is to not add a profile photo. But as many people know, there is no need to go to the trouble of using the username for the profile photo.

It can also be turned off completely by using the Delete Photo option or the Nobody option for the Profile photo in the Settings and Privacy section. These two important steps are at the top of the ways to hide on WhatsApp.

In addition to all these settings, users can also hide when they enter and exit the application by setting the Last Seen and Online options to Same as Nobody and Last Seen in the Settings and Privacy section of WhatsApp. Finally, by turning off the Read Receipt from the Settings and Privacy section, it is possible to hide when the message in the incoming message was opened or closed.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? Do you have any tactics other than the ones mentioned in the news to hide on WhatsApp? You can express your views in the Comments section.

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