How to do SSD health test (2022 Current) ? Program recommendations

Storage units are perhaps one of the most important parts of our computers. Although the HDD alternative SSDs come to the fore with their speed, sometimes they may not be as durable as the HDD. But what protects our essential data on the computer? SSD hard drives for How is the health test done? Is it possible to find out the condition and condition of SSD hard disks? We have answered these questions for you in our content.

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What is SSD health test and how is it done? Here are the 5 best programs

Solid State Disk or in Turkish Solid State Drivehas become the most important part of computers for the last ten years. SSD hard drives both with their smaller structures and their speed HDD technology greatest alternative. However, in order to maintain this high speed, it is important to check the performance of your SSD disks and to constantly monitor the system. In this sense, Windows makes improvements at certain intervals with the Combine and optimize drives setting for SSD drives. Disk defragmentation is required for HDD, while trimming is sufficient for SSD.

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You need to use SSD health test programs to check if your SSD is working properly.

Despite all these efforts SSD health when you’re worried about SSD health test programs come to your rescue. However, although these programs provide important clues, it is important to be able to read this data in order to detect the real problem. All SSD models have technology called SMART, which handles SSD performance and state. Such SSD health test programs can also extract this data and issue a status report according to the performance data of the SSD.

SSD health test programs Although it is important, it is also useful to use the own software of the SSD model you are using first. In particular, you can access the update needs and real data of your SSD thanks to these programs. Despite that SSD health You can use the programs we recommend to access detailed data on the subject.

1- CrystalDiskInfo

Perhaps one of the most popular programs that SSD users use for SSD health testing is CrystalDiskInfo. The program, which is very user-friendly, provides users with important data for the current performance of the SSD.

CrystalDiskInfo is an application that gives importance to SSD life among SSD SMART data. Each manufacturer sets a specific read and write limit for SSD models. In this sense, when this limit is exceeded, the SSD is assumed to have completed its life. CrystalDiskInfo SSD health test program It also reflects this lifetime with the SSD Health value in the upper right corner.

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CrystalDiskInfo, one of the most popular health testing apps

The percentage statement written here indicates how long the SSD life is left. In this sense, the number you see is not a figure of how much of the SSD life is spent. Maybe CrystalDiskInfo The biggest handicap of the program is that it acts according to this data.

Although exceeding the SSD lifetime is a warning, this lifetime does not indicate that the SSD is not working. However, although the program is not updated frequently, it also gives the user important information about SSD problems. It is possible to see the instantaneous temperature data for the SSD just below the health data.

In this sense, the program also makes temperature value recommendations for SSD models. However, working above this value is not always a problem. What matters is whether the SSD has a critical problem preventing it from working.

This information is at the top of the program window. Critical Warning You can reach by number. Again, the use of spare blocks is also important in terms of whether the SSD gives a critical error. If the SSD encounters an error in the existing blocks, it can activate spare blocks for writing and reading. CrystalDiskInfo program “How to do SSD health test?” One of the best answers to the question.

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