How to do HDD health test?

hard drives It is the most important part of computers. Most components can be replaced when they fail, but it is not possible to replace data on hard drives without a backup. Because, hard disk Controlling your health is very important. From the built-in methods in Windows HDD up to your manufacturer’s diagnostic tools HDD health There are several ways to check. The methods we list below, depending on your preferences HDD health test You can use to make

Toshiba will break new ground in HDD technology: 40TB has been given a date!

Toshiba says that within a year 26 TB HDD will be announced and in five years 40 TB HDD will be announced. Here is the roadmap for Toshiba 40TB HDD.

Here are ways to do HDD health test!

check the BIOS

in the first place BIOSYou can do hard drive checks in . After restarting your computer Delete, F2, F12 or pressing any of the keys the boot screen tells you will take you to the BIOS. BIOSAfter entering the full instructions to your motherboard manufacturer may vary depending on However, on most computers, you can check the health of your hard disk with the ‘diagnostics’ option. still on your computer Preloading It may be helpful to check your computer manufacturer’s website for instructions on accessing and operating the pre-system diagnostics.

Optimize and combine

Traditional SATA hard drives remain popular, though they have largely been replaced by much faster SSD drives. For images, videos and other non-fatiguing file types HDD‘s continue to be an affordable alternative. If you think your hard drive is getting slow, you should check how partitioned it is. this much Windows 11You can do it using the built-in merge tool. For this:

  • Type “defragmentation” in the “Search” section.
  • Press “Defragment and Optimize”
  • Select your hard disk and click “Optimize”.

Performing a scan for fragmented files, this system optimizes the drive for better performance. And also defraggler and MyDefrag You can also do this with extra applications such as,

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