How to change Valorant password?

Valorant, one of the most popular FPS games of recent times, is increasing the number of users. The rapidly spreading popularity of the game is intimidating other FPS games. if Valorant If you forgot your account password change Password You can do the process by following the steps in our guide.

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Valorant password change

Valorant accounts are also Riot accounts. Riot Games, the maker of the game, integrated with other games created an account system. So the next steps are to reset your Riot account password. If you use the account you use while logging into Valorant while playing League of Legends, it means that the two accounts are integrated.

Valorant password change
Valorant password change
  • Click the link here
  • Type your Riot username in the box on the page that opens. This username may differ from what appears in-game.
  • If an account is found under the username you entered, a recovery email will be sent to the account’s email address.
  • Check your e-mail box, the link in the Valorant password change e-mail will give you the right to create a new password.

After your Valorant account password has been changed, you may need to log in again on computers that you logged into with your account. If you have previously created an account revoke If you want, this method will still work for you. Access to your e-mail address is what you need to reset your account password.

Many social media apps also allow changing passwords via email. Things are a little different for CS:GO, the game against which Valorant is most compared. Because CS:GO works with Steam, two-step verification He wants you to get past his strict guards. In the coming years, we may see a two-step verification system for Valorant.

Valorant “makes business grow”

The producer of the game, Riot Games, said that a new game called Project M was being developed. of this project Valorant Mobile It was also stated in the following statements. If it is as expected, Valorant Mobile will appear soon.

Valorant password change
Valorant Mobile

Valorant password change After following the steps, you can log in to your account again and play the game.