How the Pixel 7 Pro’s Screen Will Look Revealed

Google shared the front of its new flagship phone Pixel 7 Pro for the first time, which it will introduce on October 6th. In the published image, it was seen that we will encounter a screen with less curved sides.

One of the world’s largest technology companies Googlehighly anticipated smartphones Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro demonstrated for the first time at an event held in the past months. In a statement made later, the company announced that these phones will be introduced in detail on October 6, 2022.

There have been many leaks recently about the features of the Pixel 7 Pro, which will be the company’s new flagship. Images about the appearance of the phone have also been circulating on the internet for a while. In fact, at the event a few months ago, when Google first introduced the device, it showed us how only the back of the phone will look. However, there was no information about the front. Now, there has been a development in this regard.

Pixel 7 Pro will come with a less curved screen

Google shared an image of the upcoming event via the secret group ‘Pixel Superfans’ on Facebook and gave us a first look at the front of the highly anticipated device. Although the photo does not give us much detail, when we look at the sides of the screen, we can see that the phone is compared to the previous generation. less curved revealed that it will come with a screen with a design.

This image published by the company also officially confirmed the previous information about the Pixel 7 Pro’s screen, and showed that Google has slightly reduced the curved design of the sides this year.

What we know about the Pixel 7 Pro’s features

Pixel 7 Pro, which will meet us on October 6 from the features Let’s talk too. In the information that has come out so far and has not been confirmed yet, it is stated that Google will offer both phones from the Pixel 7 series to the European market with 128 and 256 GB memory options, similar to the Pixel 6.

In the camera, it is said that a similar setup can be used on Pixel 7 phones with the Pixel 6 series. Pixel 6 Pro; 50 MP main camera with GN1 sensor, 12 MP ultra wide-angle camera and it came with a 48 MP telephoto camera. It is stated that the change to the Pixel 7 Pro camera may be in the telephoto part. Accordingly, the new device replaces the Sony IMX586 sensor in the previous generation. Samsung’s GM1 will use the sensor.

In addition, a leak spread by a person who recently stated that he has a prototype of the Pixel 7 Pro, the device offers a resolution of 3120×1440. Samsung’s S6E3HC4 panel He claimed to come with him. Claims that Tensor 2 will be similar to the Tensor chipset, Pixel 7 Pro may become brighter with this panel, and 1,000 nits It is stated that it can reach up to the brightness.


While We Wait for Apple, Google Doesn’t Stay Idle: What Awaits Us at the Pixel Event?

Google recently shared a video about the Pixel 7 Pro, which will be the iPhone 14 Pro competitor. In the video you can see below, some people had the opportunity to review the censored phone for the first time. In addition, the video also mentioned the Pixel Watch smartwatch, whose price for the LTE version was revealed recently. The device, which will be the company’s first smart watch, will be introduced with the phones on October 6th.

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